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Best 3 Workout Routines to Build Muscle

The best three workout routines that can build muscle fast are the Bench Press, Squats and Dead Lifts. These three exercises are the most commonly used muscle building workouts by all the greatest bodybuilders that have ever been.

Think of it, if you are working out a few muscles groups at the same time, then you will save a lot of time working on the muscles individually, and you will gain muscle fast. If you arrange these three types of workouts, then you can make workout routines to build muscle fast really easily.

There are compound exercises, and isolation exercises. Compound move the body with more than one joint movement, and isolation exercises the body through a single joint movement.

Put simply, compound exercises cause you to use several muscles at the same time. Bodybuilders and people interested in gaining muscle make sure they use compound Workout Routines to Build Muscle Fast.

A bench press uses chest, shoulders and triceps. Squats use quadriceps, hams, calves, butt, back and abs. As you can see you are working on many muscle groups at the same time, thus reducing the time and dedication needed to focus on each one individually. If you were to do chest fly's, then you would be working only your chest.

Here are a few more compound exercises that you can use in your workout routines to build muscle.

Chin ups focus on your lat's and bis, while leg presses focus on your quadriceps, hams and but.

Military presses focus on all three of your shoulder muscles, and any kind of workout on a bosu ball.


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