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Three Important Standards Of Weight Training

Do you still remember what your sports teacher in school often say when you are doing warm-ups? Yes, our teacher always reminds us to breathe in and breathe out. This is just one of the basic principles of exercise and also applies for weight training.

Push and Pull, Breathing and Form are the three basic standards of weight training. One must uphold or put into practice these principles in order to achieve your goal of having a toned body.

Push and Pull. Training requires two movements - pushing and pulling. Take for instance lifting a barbell, to lift it up requires a push and placing it back to its original position needs a pull. Have you ever wonder the different muscles used when you lift a barbell? The shoulders, biceps, pectorals and the upper abdomen are the common ones used for barbell lifting. Another example of weight lifting that uses pushing and pulling is the squat. We use push to squat down and pull to return to standing position. These are the reasons why weight training helps reduce abs.

No matter what you do, whether you are doing household chores, walking, running, cycling, or even sleeping, we need to breathe. Breathing is another important principle of weight lifting. This goes hand in hand with push and pull. You breathe in or inhale when pushing and you breathe out or exhale when pulling. When breathing is not properly done while doing weight training may cause bad effects to our body and dizziness is one of them. So remember to breathe regularly when training.

Last, but not the least is the form. All exercises with weights must be done using proper form. Going back to the example used in push and pull, the barbell lifting, one must stand straight, head up, legs apart and barbell across the shoulders before lifting it up. Accidents are very common if proper form is not applied before the training execution. The common ones are the fracture of the spine and knee, arms and hands injury.


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