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Developing Ripped Shoulders Using Simple Methods

Developing ripped shoulders will require some dedication and perseverance on your part, but if you work at it regularly and consistently you will see results in no time. There are some specific exercises that will help you to achieve attractively ripped shoulders.

Using a barbell, you can practice the shoulder barbell press. This exercise is executed by adopting a seated position with the barbell gripped in an overhand position. The barbell should be resting behind your neck on your shoulders. Raise the bar in a smooth motion to full extension, before lowering it again to the starting position, being sure to use a controlled, even motion.

If you struggle to raise the weight overhead, then you should reduce it, but if you find it too easy to lift the barbell, then you will need to add more weight. This exercise should be repeated for ten repetitions, adding a little more weight after each set, but reducing the amount of repetitions by two, so from ten, to eight, to six, to four.

You can repeat this routine two to four times depending on your strength and fitness level. Next you should move on to lateral raises, which involves beginning with the dumbbells located at the sides of the body and raising the arms out to shoulder level. Repeat this exercise for four repetitions, increasing the weights with each following set, reducing from ten to eight to six and then four repetitions. Complete four sets of this exercise.

Shoulder raises are wonderful for building definition in your shoulders. Using either barbells or dumbbells, keep the weights at your sides and then, without raising your arms, lift your shoulders up towards your ears and hold for a count before lowering them again. Repeat four repetitions, using the same formula of heavier weights for each strip set.

Barbell upright rows are executed in a standing position. Begin with the barbell at hip level, with the arms relaxed and fully extended. Bending your elbows, begin to raise the barbell, keeping it close to your body and raising it to chin level. Lower the barbell to hip level again and repeat, increasing weights while you reduce repetitions from ten to six. Repeat four sets.

The Arnold press can help in developing ripped shoulders and can be executed in a seated position. Bending the elbows, hold a dumbbell in the overhand position, palms facing towards you, but in line with your shoulders. Then slowly extend the elbows outwards, raising the dumbbells towards and above the ears while rotating the wrists for your palms to face outwards. Reverse the movement and repeat.


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