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3 Simple Strength Training Ideas

Simple strength training refers to an attitude of getting 'back to basics'. Machines are fun, new and exotic strength training toys are cool, but in the end building strength is about working at the limits of what you can handle.

While this is simple, it is definitely not easy. This type of training is not for the faint of heart. But if you work hard and follow it, it will work wonders for you.

1. Lift Heavy

You want to build strength. So, lift heavy weights just a few times, 3 - 6 repetitions for 4 - 5 sets.

Work with a heavy barbell or dumbbells and do a few movements. As long as you're straining when you're doing them, putting your whole heart and soul into them, you will gain strength.

And if you're not getting stronger, your weights are too light;-)

More repetitions per set will make your muscles bigger (8 - 12 reps) or just improve your endurance (12 - 15+ reps). But to build strength, the ability to work with heavier and heavier weights, just lift heavy. And then next time, lift just a little heavier.

2. Use Unusual Objects

Lifting barbells and dumbbells is great fun and very effective. But try working out with other tools on occasion - the world's filled with a lot more than just barbells and dumbbells!

Anvils, logs, rocks, thick-handled barbells, kettlebells, barrels, sandbags, cars, buckets filled with gravel or sand, your own bodyweight... There are tons of different heavy things to lift out there!

3. When Rested, Lift; When Sore, Rest

This is a very simple and very effective rule for simple strength training. Lift when you've recovered from your last lifting session, and rest when you're sore.

Planning out elaborate plans is good, but they don't take into account your body. And your body might not be in the best shape to recover to meet those plans if you have been working hard, not getting enough sleep, studying for finals, about to defend your dissertation, etc.

If you're sore, sleep or rest or drink tea or read or do any of the 10,000 other things you need to do. And when you're feeling better, go to the gym and work even harder than last time:-)

Just focus on pushing yourself to your limit. This stuff is hard, but it isn't rocket science.

Focus on a good workout with basic lifts, working hard, and resting when you're just beat. Of course, making sure you have the right lifts and that your workout routine is reliable too keeps you going in the right direction for building strength in the first place.


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