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Muscle Gaining Tips

Eating well and enough of the right foods is an crucial muscle gaining tip that should not be missed. Mass gain works by making sure that an excess of calories are consumed to that in proportion to the amount that gets burned off. With that said, junk food should not be your main source of food.

To understand which number to go by, use the following as a good form of measurement.

Males - 66 + weight 6.23 + 12.7 x height - age x 6.8.

Women require a BMR of 655 + their weight x 4.35 + current weight x 4.7 - age x 4.7

Next take the following into account.

Training heavy daily. BMR x 1.9
3 - 5 days of weight lifting x 1.55 BMR
1 - 3 days weekly of weightlifting BMR x 1.375

Then, once you have got the total, add 500 to it. That total should be the desired calories to strive for each/day. Include with your meals some avocados, nuts, fish and olive oil if possible. Peanut butter as well as beans and whole wheat pasta too. Having a good amount of energy each day can be achieved by ensuring that you eat a solid 6 meals each day.

For adding muscle mass, you will want to aim for matching the same ratio of protein to each pound of your body weight. Also, it's beneficial to add some tuna to your meals and drink protein shakes which contain whey.

Incorporating Strength Training with Cardio

Low reps together with heavy weights amount to pushing your muscles to their limits. By braking your muscles down, it allows new cells to form and regrow bigger and stronger.

Each muscle groups should be targeted with 12 sets of 12 reps, in a steady paced motion. With plenty of resistance incorporated to push your muscle groups. The last rep you do should be the most difficult. Alternatives to free weights can be used if you have not got with you usable free weights, give wall sits, push ups or sit ups a go.

Understand that as a part of putting on muscle mass, fat will be gained as well. This is where including some cardio can come in handy. With 2-3 days weekly 30min sessions being adequately enough to trim any unnecessary fat.

Stage 3 - Recuperation

A solid 8 hours of sleep each evening is a good target to aim for. Also, ensure to have 1 day of rest in between exercising, while regularly drinking water. Although there will be stages when you would prefer to just relax, the key to getting the results you are seeking for your body is continual practiced discipline.


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