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Grab Your Leucine and Whey Protein For Shocking Muscle Gains

Leucine is an essential amino acid that's crucial to proper synthesis of proteins needed to build muscles. What is Leucine and how can whey protein supplements help with getting Leucine into your body? Read on.

What Is Leucine?

Leucine is an essential amino acid, meaning it's a protein building block that can't be produced by the body and has to be obtained through food consumption.Unlike other essential amino acids however, Leucine plays a very crucial role in the protein synthesis process.

Body cells all have a membrane that prevents outside substances from coming in. This also includes protein. Most proteins have to wait a period of time and go through a process before it can enter a cell membrane to be used as building blocks for muscles. Leucine is different. Leucine, through a process called LAT1 can enter the cell membrane without having to wait. Once in the cell membrane, Leucine then starts a process with the mTOR and Rheb proteins already in the cell. This is what begins the protein synthesis process.

In other words, unlike other proteins which are merely building blocks for cells to use to create more muscles, Leucine is the protein that actually begins the muscle growth process!

As you can imagine, having enough Leucine in your system is vital to your muscle growth. Which brings us to the question: Where do you get Leucine?

Obtaining Leucine Through Whey Protein

Most people don't need to think all that much about supplementing Leucine. But as a bodybuilder, your growth will be stunted if you don't have enough of this muscle-growth starter. Fortunately, one of the most effective supplements in the bodybuilding world (Whey) also contains a lot of Leucine.In fact, Whey contains about 50% more Leucine than Soy does! If you're supplementing with Whey protein on a regular basis, you'll have more than enough Leucine to have all your muscles ready to jump-start their growth every time you workout.

A recent study did a research study between three groups: One group took two placebo supplements; the second group took Whey and Leucine supplements while the third group took just Whey supplements. The study revealed that both the "real" groups showed noticeable improvement, removing the placebo effect as a possible cause. The Whey only group and the Leucine + Whey group performed about on par, showing that consuming additional Leucine isn't necessary.

Here's the bottom line. Leucine is the one essential amino acid that affects how all the rest of the protein in your body performs. It's the "director" of the rest of the proteins. If you don't have enough Leucine, you're not going to be growing muscles as fast as you could be, hands down, period.

There are many ways to supplement Leucine. You could buy Leucine supplements to supplement it directly. However, the easiest and most cost effective way to supplement Leucine would be to simply take Whey protein, which provides all the essential amino acids you need including Leucine. You save money, get more protein and get the Leucine your body so desperately needs.


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