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Workout Routines That Build Muscle - Which One Is The Best For You

There are so many different types of muscle building workout routines talked about today but which one is right for your particular situation? As a weightlifter, I suggest that you look at two main routines to employ in the weight room, in addition to a possible combination routine and then determine which one is most effective, and determine how the best plan can be employed to meet your specific goals.

Building Muscle Mass

The majority of new weight lifters have a singular goal in the weight room; they try to get big muscles as fast as they can! The majority are usually skinny to start with and see weight lifting as a method of getting major muscle mass on their frame regardless of the price. If you are one of these type of trainers you will likely benefit the most through heavy use of compound exercises. You can begin the Monday workout as a "bench" day. The emphasis will be primarily on chest, triceps and shoulder muscles using a number of heavy weight exercises such as bench presses, dips, military presses and some added skull crushers. The Wednesday workout routine can emphasize the biceps and back with heavy weight sets for rows, curls, chins and dead lifts. The Friday workout routine can emphasize the legs with a series of heavy weight exercises like calf toe raises, leg curls and squats. Use these 3 days only to train hard, then rest. Keep it this simple. It's not necessary to be concerned with any cardiovascular training. It is also important to ingest an extra 500 calories daily in addition to a good eight hours of sleep each night for the mass muscle building method of training to be the most effective.

Losing Fat

If you are one of those weightlifters who is more interested in losing excess body fat as opposed to bulking up, you would do better to have a workout routine that uses lighter weights and places more emphasis on cardio training. You can begin your workouts with 30 minutes of moderate training like a split body "push pull" training or full body training and then run through a series of cardiovascular exercises for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. This will enable you to build muscle and maintain it while your blood sugar (glycogen) level is high and the consequent cardio exercises will burn your excess body fat. As you put on additional muscle, your metabolic rate will naturally increase causing you to lose fat in the long run, however the fat you lose in the short term will enable to you feel and look better now.

An All-Around Fitness Program

This particular type of "hybrid" workout program will enable you to achieve the mass muscle building program with the fat loss program into one single method of training that builds muscle. The idea here is to train three days a week very hard with weights and on the other 2 or 3 days train very hard with the cardio exercises. You will definitely see muscle growth, just not as much as with the first two programs because you are spending cardio time on what would otherwise be recovery and growth time. However, you will get stronger and more muscular while becoming leaner with the use of this type of combined training method. While researching muscle building routines you will doubtless discover many different varieties of workouts that are touted as the best. Just make sure that you determine what your specific goals are and tailor a routine that fits your individual needs. Keeping that in mind, you should find a workout routine that provides the methods that will enable you to reach your goal the quickest. I wish you all the best!


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