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Six Pack Tips: Why Ab Exercises Won't Help You Lose Weight

I still hear it all the time, even from people who claim to be knowledgeable in the health and fitness industry. While many people claim that crunches and cardio will get them results when it comes to abs, the truth is that this is plain false. While crunches and cardio may be a "part" of your workout routine, they certainly won't get you anywhere by being the entirety of it.

I'm tired of seeing people complain about not getting results when they tell me they do sit ups everyday of the week. Just going to the gym and "working out" doesn't coincide with weight loss. There is some correlation between the two, but unless your doing the right exercises, you'll be going nowhere fast.

Consequently, you should devote most of your time not to building ab muscle, but to losing weight. Most everybody has that bit of excess body fat that covers their core region, preventing their abs from ever being visible. You lose that weight and you see results.

So what type of exercises should you be doing to most effectively lose weight?

Full body, multi-jointed workouts are best. This is because they put the most strain on the largest portion of your body, boosting your metabolism and drastically increasing weight loss. There is no better natural way to lose weight than through these exercises. They include but are not limited too:

1) Deadlifts
2) Squats
3) Mountain Climbers
4) Sprinting

Deadlifts are most likely the most effective of the four, but for those of you who don't have constant access to gym equipment, mountain climbers and sprinting are viable alternatives.

So, bottom line, stop spending countless hours doing sit ups and ab machine workouts and get yourself started with a more holistic regiment. You'd be surprised at how fast you'll see results when you do.


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