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Is There A Best Time To Exercise?

The question of the best time to exercise is a fascination subject for one reason. Many researchers have said that mid evening near 6pm is the best time for exercise. This happens to be the best time because your body is more conducive to exercise in the early to late evening. Because of busy lifestyles we often end up needing to work out in the morning instead. The legitamacy of this statement is backed up by many surveys and research studies. The majority of people will do their workout in the morning solely due to the convenience of it. Sometimes we try to squeeze a workout into our breaks or lunch times. So here are some interesting and important points concerning the best time to exercise.

When is the most optimum time for your body to exercise? That has become an increasingly important consideration for anyone who wants to start a serious fitness exercise program. Exercise is another demand on our time which is why this is an important point. Because exercising regularly is so important, however, any hassles it creates is worth it in the long run. Many people don't exercise because they say they don't have time or they don't see results. Whenever exercise can be squeezed into a busy schedule tends to be the bottom line for most people regarding the best time to exercise. Find a time when you can stick with exercising and make a habit of it because it needs to be done. We'll look into this further in the rest of this article.

Surveys and research shows that most people who are able to consistently work-out, or exercise, do so in the morning or earlier in the day as opposed to after work or the evening. People want to get it done and have the rest of the day for their regular responsibilities. Exercise becomes a habit easier for most people if they exercise in the morning. Other valid reasons include experiencing fewer interruptions and distractions. That makes total sense considering a lot of the world is not up early in the morning - or at least outside. If it means being able to exercise, many people are willing to get up a little earlier. That takes dedication.

Exercise routines consisting of weight training are best done in the evening. Somewhere near 6pm your hormones are at peak exercise levels. You may be surprised to learn that weight lifting is best done a few hours before or a couple hours after this 6pm time. The fact that your muscles are already warmed up and prepared for exertion makes this prime time. You are more likely to be flexible and ready for exersion during late afternoon hours too.

Researchers are torn as to the real best time to exercise. Your clock will adjust to whatever you decide on.


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