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Workouts For Ectomorphs - How To Experiment With Your Workouts For The Best Results

There are plenty of workouts for ectomorphs, just like there are plenty of workouts for any other body type. And although the variety is sometimes very good and makes the workout more interesting, for beginners, it may all be very confusing.

It is a human nature to keep looking for new, better, faster solutions. And no doubt, every ectomorph bodybuilder wants his 'ectomorph before and after' pictures to show real progress.

But in bodybuilding, this type of exploration and variety needs to be kept under control, otherwise you will turn your experimentation into a serious of random workouts. And this especially applies to ectomorph bodybuilders, as their body type is unfortunately quite unforgiving to any mistakes. When trying or experimenting with something new, there are two main rules you need to follow.

1. Experiment during off-season.

It makes no sense to try some new heavy-duty exercise in your 'ripping' cycle. Just like it makes no sense to try a cool new diet at that time, especially if you are getting ready for a bodybuilding competition.

When you are on a deadline schedule, that is, if there is a final day that you absolutely must meet (e.g. the date for your competition), stick to what is proven to work. This is not the time to experiment with something, that may or may not bring the results. This is the time to stick to your schedule, workout, and diet plan.

So when should you try to experiment? The answer is simple - off-season. That is the time to experiment not only with new exercises and diets, but also with new workout schedules and new techniques.

When the goal is to bulk up, which is typically the main problem for ectomorph bodybuilders, the experimentation is fairly straightforward. However, do not try to integrate some high-tech exercises into your ectomorph workout. Instead, follow the basics rules, and experiment with the rest. That means, you need to make sure that the three golden exercises - squats, deadlifts and benchpress - are still part of your workout. Also make sure, you keep your reps between 4-8 tops. And it goes without saying, that you still need high-protein, high-calories diet plan in place.

However, you can experiment with the breaks between exercises, you can try to replace some secondary exercises, you can try new gain-weight diet and supplements... There are no constraints holding you back and chances are, that even if your experiment proves not to be optimal, as long as you follow the basics you will still manage to gain some mass.

When experimenting with your workout and diet for competition, set a date in your off-season that will represent the day of the competition and work towards that date. Make adjustments, observe how new diet or supplements work for you, experiment with new techniques and combinations of exercises (supersets)...this is your testing ground, so test, observe, and write everything down.

Whether you are experimenting with bulking up or with ripping off, the key is to not just pretend, but to keep everything as real as it gets. This may be hard, especially if you are experimenting with your preparation for competition. You may sometimes try not to go 100%. However, if you take it easy now and then, than your data will not be accurate You simply must workout as if this was the real deal.

Even if your experiment fails and you will end up being far from optimal condition, you will have invaluable data to analyze, that will make your actual workout for competition much less hit-or-miss. And that's the goal here.

2. Change one thing at a time.

Many people have a tendency to make dramatic changes to their workouts, all at once. The problem is, that it is very hard to measure what works and what does not. Instead, try to incorporate one thing at a time.

For example, if you notice that your upper chest is not progressing as good as the rest of the chest, do not just go all-out and only do exercises on inclined bench. Instead, try to replace your current exercise aimed for upper chest with a different one. Or try to add one more exercise for upper chest to your chest routine.

Once you make the change, you must keep a log of your workouts and write down everything that matters, weights, tempo, diet, even your feelings about the workout. Trust me, you will not remember these details the very next day; yet without these details you cannot analyze your workout and are destined to repeat the same mistakes and do the same inefficient workouts over and over again.

If you want to keep progressing, you need to experiment. Without trying new things, your workout, as well as your mind will soon be stuck in the rut. But there is a difference between hit-or-miss workouts, and true experimentation. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide, if you want to rely on luck...


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