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My Unique Journey of Building Lean Muscle

My journey to building 32 pounds of muscle in 32 weeks was exactly that: a journey. It was a long and frustrating process that started with 7 years of failure, hundreds of wasted dollars spent on magazines, supplements and products that finally came to a resolution with one solution.

The motivation behind me wanting to build this ideal body had to do with one thing: confidence. But on a more surface level it had to do with two things: girls and sports.


I was raised by great parents who instilled a healthy self-confidence in me. As a result I was confident in who I was, but I had a body that in no way conveyed this confidence.

Look, I don't think that looking good is the most important part of our personal development, but I also don't think we give it enough credit. It definitely makes life better when you're happy with how you look. Its a part of being the best all-around person you can be.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that if I didn't find this muscle-building solution, I wouldn't have the life I have today, because I wouldn't have the confidence that I have today. The confidence that has simply let me be the best me, both socially, in business, in athletics and in relationships.

Girls and Sports

Is there anything else in high school and college, and for that matter life?

Ya I know there is, big time. But they are pretty important, especially in school. The thing is, if you're going to be successful in either area, you need confidence. It's a necessity. And now that I'm 25 and in the work force, that hasn't changed one bit.

In high school I had buddies who were jacked, and they were great guys too. The difference between me and them was that they got a girls attention at first glance. And the same happened in college as well, and then again after college. The guys who had the muscle, and who knew they looked good - not in a cocky way, more of a confident way - got interest from the girls.

Me, being a skinny little runt, had to work for it. I didn't walk into a room and command respect or positive attention from the ladies, it was almost like every time I walked into a room absolutely no one noticed. Shitty feeling.

The definition of frustration:

So I'm 16 and I have this burning desire to build a body that I'm confident in. I was tired of being a push-over in sports, socially and with the ladies. So I started training. The goal: build muscle and improve my athleticism. And I worked my ass off, I read the bible of bodybuilding, did what the bodybuilding magazines said to do, and what my bigger, more muscular friends said to do.

I can write about it now like it was nothing, but holy shit it was frustrating working out 5-6 times a week and having nothing to show for it. And it would be terrible if that went on for a couple years, but no, this went on for 7 years!

So, giving up was the answer?

I've heard people say that you meet a great girl when you're not looking. Well, I built my dream body when I wasn't trying to.

After a year of playing no sports - my college basketball career was cut short because of a knee injury - I walked into a boxing gym. I was done with trying to gain muscle. I just wanted to compete, and I had always loved boxing.

A few months into fighting, I was hired as a trainer at a training facility that was home to a few pro and semi-pro sports teams, and a host of other high level athletes. I didn't think much of it at first. I mean, building this muscle was at the back of my mind by now, fighting was at the forefront, and this job was just a great place to be. But it would eventually be the place where I'd turn things around.

I shadowed the head trainer there for a week or so and we got to talking about my lack of success when it came to building this more muscular, and more athletic body. He told me a bit about his history as well. How he grew up as a skinny kid, teenager and young adult but finally figured things out - which lead to him helping pro-football players put on muscle and add speed, power and quickness.

I don't know if it was because I had a similar story to his, if he empathized with me or what, but he jumped at the chance to help me. And I was all for it - although I didn't think he could help me.

So we sat down and he went over the solution he had for my problem, and I began training.

My next two fights ended with knockout's, and my hand being raised. From week one I noticed a change and it never stopped. I was getting leaner, stronger, more powerful, and finally bigger.

Then, 32 weeks later, I had my dream body, with those 32 pounds of lean muscle gained.

As I said earlier, confidence had always been the driving force behind my desire to build a better body.

And now it was the biggest benefit.

Although I still train to improve my performance, I'm no longer competing, instead I'm helping guys who have the same problems I had turn things around with this same solution. And as for girls, I have mine. I'm going out with a girl I'm crazy about.

Maintaining and improving in the gym still leaves me feeling more confident, sexier, and happier - I just don't think about it as much I guess because I have it.


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