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The Best Exercises To Build Muscle At Home

Let's face it, most of us have heavy demands on our time such as family responsibilities and job responsibilities. These time constraints can make it almost impossible to make it to the gym on a daily basis. However, that does not mean that we have to give up on our dream of building our muscles just because we cannot go to the gym each day.

There are plenty of ways to build muscle by exercising at home or other places that can be accomplished through resistance only training. Let's take a look at some of the most common types of exercises that can still build your muscles but do not require all the expensive equipment that is found in a well equipped gym. The following exercises still have the capacity to make you grow stronger and bigger.

The Standard Pushup

This exercise is one of the most basic forms of conditioning that has been around for ages and it is still as effective as it always has been through the years. The pushup works your chest muscles, shoulders and triceps. To make the standard pushup work additional muscle groups you can make them harder by elevating your feet or your arms, to mimic the effect that is achieved by the decline bench press and the incline bench press, in the order given.

Biceps Curls Using One Arm

For this exercise you can use something like a towel to loop around one hand and grasp it with the other hand. Then pull down on the towel as you attempt to curl your bicep muscle. After a few moments of resistance or getting the "muscle burns" switch to the other arm. You could also do this exercise by simply grasping one hand on top of the other and push down to provide the needed resistance.

The Basic Chin-up Group

To perform both underhand and overhand pull-ups and chin-ups look for simple household object like an overhead door jam, a basement pipe or even an outdoor swing set. These items can provide the parallel grip needed to hoist yourself up and when you become so strong that your body weight is insufficient to give you a good workout, add heavy objects inside your pockets!

Dips For Your Triceps

This exercise can literally be done just about anywhere in the home or elsewhere. Any type of ledge or edge will enable you to do as many sets as you wish. A chair, bed or even a shelf will give the stability to pump out these dips which will build your triceps rock hard. If you want to add some more intensity to the workout (if you can easily finish 20 reps without stopping) consider adding some additional weight to your lap.

Squats - The Sissy Squat

This exercise is likely the most impressive of all the exercises to build muscle at home. It is usually quite painful, very awkward and oh so effective without adding an additional weight to the routine. Simply hold onto a wall, then squat down as far as you can on the very tips of your toes and return to a standing position. Remember to remain standing on your tiptoes the whole time. During the routine you will work out your hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads. It is likely that you will be sore for many days after this exercise.

Presses - The Overhead Press

You can use a variety of household objects to complete these exercises such as filled gallon bottles of water, milk or even paint cans. Simply press these items over your head to get the shoulder workout. You could also use these same objects to lift to the side to exercise the deltoid muscles.

The Deadlift

This exercise is difficult to pull off at home without the specialized weight equipment found at the gym. However, there is nothing stopping you from finding a safe item to place on your shoulders and do some forward bends. This can be done safely and is a good way to work your lower back muscles.


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