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The Best And Most Powerful Ab Workout

This is probably one of the best work out for abs. I can't stress the kind of power this ab work out really has. There are the best work outs for different targeted abdominal muscle groups, but this workout doesn't focus on just one targeted abdominal region.

This six pack ab work out really chisels every region of your abdominals and gives you awesome results. I've personally done this work out for a good two months, and the results are not only fast, but they're astounding.

I have tried countless different programs and exercises, but this one by far has given me the most results. There are a lot of ways to get rid of the fat around that belly, but this work out does more than any other ab work out.

There's a reason this ab work out is considered to be the best ab workout. That reason is the simple fact that this daily ab program implements the kind of ab exercises that get you the most ripped abdominals, and not the kind that only get rid of the fat around your stomach with no "six pack" results.

This specific work out is from P90x, which is probably a work out you have heard of. The abdominal program is called ab ripper x and it makes up one of the BEST abdominal work outs around.

This program is extremely powerful and gives you results so fast, you won't even believe it yourself. The way this work out gives you extremely ripped abs is because it focuses on core strength by using the movements of both your hips and chest.

Many abdominal exercises don't focus that well on your core the way this ab work out does, which is why you don't get the "six pack" results from any other work out.

I'll be honest. This work out does have exercises that can prove to be painful, but the reason for the pain, is the AMAZING results you'll get from this.

I recommend this work out to be every other day, because this intense abdominal workout isn't meant as an everyday thing. All you need is approximately 16-20 minutes every other day to get the most ripped "six pack" abdominals you can possibly get.

The amount of reps per exercise is always going to be 25 so ingrain that into your head as you perform each of these fantastic ab exercises.

In and Outs:

1. Sit down with your legs straight out in front of you.

2. Place your hands on the ground behind you for an easier ab work out and keep them off the ground for a harder one.

3. Lift both your legs off the ground.

4. Now pull your legs into your chest.

5. Now stretch them back out in front of you while keeping them as straight as possible and don't let them touch the ground.

6. Repeat the process until you've reached 25.

7. One rep counts as the combination of the pulling in and the straightening out so don't count each ONE rep as TWO. Thats Cheating.

Crunchy Frog:

1. Doing the exact same thing as the In And Outs, but with one difference.

2. Repeat the same process as In and Outs but, do it with your arms straight out to your sides of you in the air.

3. Every time you pull in, your arms wrap around your knees like you're hugging them.

4. All this work out is are In and outs with an arm reach around.


1. Lie on the floor with only your lower back and a small portion of your butt fully pressed to the ground.

2. Lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on your neck.

3. Put your hands behind your head and bring your knees to your chest, at about a 45-degree angle.

4. Straighten either one of your legs out, lets start with the RIGHT one out, and simultaneously turn your body to the opposite direction, which in this case is the left.

5. Pull your left elbow in to your right knee and reach as close as you can get (try and touch your elbow to your knee).

6. Alternate between sides, and go through a bicycle pedaling motion. Picture yourself pedaling a bicycle to get the motion down.

Hip Rock And Raise:

1. Lay down on your back, bend your legs and touch the soles of your feet together.

2. Point both your knees out away from each other.

3. Keep the same difference between your knees throughout this whole exercise.

4. Now, rock backwards and then raise the hips to move upward.

5. Be sure to keep moving the hips up and down while using your core to keep the position of your legs intact.

6. Main idea is Hips Up and Hips Down.

Fifer Scissors:

1. Lie down with your legs straight.

2. Lift both off the ground.

3. Now lift your right or left leg as high as you can, keeping it straight.

4. While on of your legs is at a 90 degree angle, the opposite leg is straight out in front of you NOT touching the ground.

5. Now all you do is switch the left and right leg positions and go back and forth with the one leg straight in the air and the other about 3 inches off the ground.

6. Always keep both legs off the ground.

Cross Leg/ Wide Leg Sit-Ups:

1. Two ways to do this one. Harder way is to sit in "Indian style" with your legs crossed and the easier way is to sit down with your legs spread out wide.

2. Now you put one arm behind your head, and then lift up with your opposite arm pointing straight up to the ceiling.

3. Now lift your upper body with your abs, by tightening them.

4. Once you are sitting straight up you touch your opposite arm to the opposite leg.

5. Repeat over and over with each arm to opposite leg.

6. One rep is one arm touching the opposite leg.

Pulse Ups:

1. This one is similar to the Fifer Scissors except both legs are up.

2. Lay down on your back.

3. Both legs are up and you Leave both legs straight up in that position.

4. Move the hips up and down, up and down.

5. Keep your whole back on the floor, just from the waist-down goes up off the floor each rep.

6. Each up and down counts as one rep.

7. Straight legs, and moving hips.

Leg Climbs:

1. Lay on your back.

2. Lift one leg so that its straight up.

3. The opposite leg is half bent on the ground in front of you.

4. Now you can either reach straight up and touch your toes (hardest way) or you can grab the side of your leg which each hand however many times it takes for you to touch your toes (easiest way).

5. Basically you climb your leg like the name implies.

6. Do 14 on each leg.

7. Basic process is that one leg is straight in the air and you reach up and touch it.

Oblique V-Ups:

1. Lay on your side, either side to start with.

2. Get your legs at a forty-five degree angle.

3. The arm of the side you're laying on is at your side on the floor.

4. Arm of the side you aren't laying on, is behind your head.

5. Now scrunch your waist by lifting your legs up together and touching with the elbow of the arm that is behind your head.

6. Do this by getting all your weight on to your hips.

7. Basically side crunches.

V-Up/Roll Up:

1. Lie down on your back with the legs straight.

2. Do a sit-up and touch your toes.

3. As you pull away from your toes roll up your legs so that when you sit back down you raise your legs to the air. Basically when you pull away from your toes and ONLY your lower back hits the floor so that most of your weight is on your butt.

4. Keep your arms in the air at all times during the exercise.

5. When you are about halfway sitting down now and your lower back hits the floor, you raise back up using your abs to touch your toes again.

6. Leave your hands in the air and bring your legs back down.

7. Repeat the process. Each time you touch your toes its one rep.

Mason Twist:

1. Sit up straight with a strong and straight back.

2. Slightly bend your knees.

3. Bring your feet off the floor and keep them a couple inches off the floor.

4. Feet stay off the floor during the whole exercise.

5. Clutch your hands together in a fist.

6. Then quickly touch each side of your body at medium pace.

7. Touching both sides once counts as one rep.

8. Do around 40-50 reps.


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