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Back and Triceps Workout - How To Workout Your Back and Triceps On The Same Day

Developing the muscles of the upper and lower back and as well as your triceps muscles is very important for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Your back and triceps muscles can be worked out the same day, even the same time, using traditional strength training equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and even nautilus machines.

A strong muscular back is also a healthy back and developing your back muscles with the right exercises can help you achieve better posture and consequently may even alleviate chronic back pain.

The average person lifting weights tends to prioritize the biceps muscles over the triceps but it is worth pointing out that the triceps make up roughly 2/3's of your arm mass. Developing the triceps muscles essentially helps shape the back and underside of your arms. In addition, strong triceps muscles are necessary for pushing objects or weight away from the center of the body. This basically means that you need strong triceps to have strong biceps.

One way you can work both muscle groups is to begin with one isolation exercise which leads into another exercise. An isolation exercise is definitely effective for defining one muscle group or, in this case, two simultaneous muscle groups.

An example of a triceps and back isolation exercise

Begin with one arm bent over a dumbbell row and proceed into a full triceps kickback. In addition to this exercise you can perform a dumbbell pullover with a triceps extension to work both the back and triceps muscles to work both your back and triceps muscles simultaneously.


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