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The 4 Best Shoulder Workout Exercises For Beginners

If you've just started recently hitting the gym, then I suspect one of of your muscle building goals is to develop truly massive arms. If this is indeed one of your goals, then you not only need to spend a chunk of time working on your triceps and biceps but also on your shoulder muscles.

If your shoulder muscles are improperly developed, then you run the risk of having not only your arms but your entire upper body look out of proportion. I've put together what I believe are the five best should workout exercises for beginners...

Exercise 1: Upright Rows - This exercise builds the entire deltoid area and also helps build your bicep muscles at the same time. To begin, grab a barbell and grip it above your head with both of your arms stretched roughly shoulder length apart.

Then raise your arms, pull the barbell in an upward motion until the barbell nearly touches your chin. If you want to increase the resistance, try pulling your elbows just a little bit beyond shoulder height with each repetition.

Exercise 2: Bent Over Lateral Raises - With this exercise you will be isolating the rear deltoid muscle which tends to be the most under worked of all your deltoid muscles. To begin, stand with your both of your feet roughly shoulder width apart and with your knees slightly bent at an angle.

Then bend forward at the waist while keeping your back straight. Next, grip a dumbbell with slightly bent elbows and at the same raising your arms outward and upward until the weight is at shoulder height.

Exercise 3: Seated Military Press - This exercise is really great for building the front deltoid muscle and can be performed in either the standing or seated position. If you're brand new to weight lifting then I strongly suggest the seated position because the seat support will prevent you from seriously injuring yourself. Grab a dumbbell and place each weight on your thigh. Use your legs to help raise the weight to rest on your shoulders then raise and lower the weight from your shoulders until the weights touch at the top.

Exercise 4: Dumbbell Lateral Raises - This is possibly my favorite exercise of the four presented here because it allows you to obtain very good results without the need of resorting to very heavy weights. To begin, grab a dumbbell and places your arms close to your side. Next, slowly raise your arms in an outward/upward motion until each dumbbell touches your shoulder and then lower the weight back to the starting position.


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