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Bicep and Triceps Workouts - Why Your Triceps Are Important

The average person hitting the gym tends to concentrate on the muscles that are the most visible. If you're working out purely for the purposes of looks, focusing only on the visible muscles makes sense. However, your supporting muscles are crucial in supporting your main muscles and, while not as visible, they play a very important role in your overall muscular development.

Developing your triceps is easy relative to your other muscle groups and you can also begin to see results in a fairly short period of time. The most critical function that your triceps play is in supporting your biceps and if you are only working out your biceps and not paying much attention to your triceps then the overall shape of your biceps could be somewhat misshapen.

Before you begin any workout regimen it's always important to warm up your muscles so as to prevent any serious injuries and to get your muscles primed. Warm up exercises are kind of like informing your body about the changes that will be shortly taking place.

Suggested Warm Up

Before beginning a triceps workout, I recommend simple stretching exercises consisting of reaching your arms above your head, down to your toes, behind your back and in front of you. This basically means stretching your arms as far as you can in all directions.

After you've stretched for a few minutes, the next thing you should do is grab some dumbbells that are a bit less than half the weight you would normally use for hammer curls (if you're not sure what these are then read the next paragraph).

You want to be able to do 12-14 reps for your warm up so if you normally use 45 pound weights then you would probably want to use 20 pound weights for your warm up and if you normally use 40 pound weights then you would want to use 15 pound dumbbells.

Best Triceps Exercise

In my opinion the best overall exercise for your triceps are hammer curls. Hammer curls can be done either standing or sitting down but you will strain your back less if you are seated in a seat that has a back support. Once you are in your desired position, hold the weights in each hand with the weight facing down like a hammer rather than side to side.

You want to select a weight that will allow you do 4-6 reps for at least a total of four sets.

Other triceps exercises include incline dumbbells curls, seated dips, standing barbell curls, and standing pull downs. A good triceps routine should incorporate all of these exercises.


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