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Chest Tricep Workout Routine - Killer Workout Routine For Both Your Chest and Triceps

If huge bulging arms is your goal (and for the average man going to the gym it usually is) then building your triceps is a complete must. What you may not know is that the triceps compose roughly two thirds of your arm meaning of course that your biceps compose about only one third. This means that you can never truly have big arms unless you focus on your triceps.

One of my favorite things about the triceps is that you can develop them while working out another muscle group. In this articles we're going to take a look at some really great exercises that will allow you to work on your triceps and chest at the same time!

Exercise 1: Decline Dips - This first exercise is essentially a push up exercise that is going to warm up your chest muscles as push ups generally do not affect the triceps much at first.

To begin, place your feet up on a bench with your hands on the floor and stretched shoulder length apart. Once you have assumed the proper position, push yourself up and down for a total of twelve to fifteen reps. Optionally, you can place some weight in your midsection to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Exercise 2: Decline Close Grip Bench Press - For this exercise you will need to find a decline bench somewhere in your gym.

To begin, you will need to assume the bench press position but with your hands placed five or six inches apart (most barbells will have lines indicating the close grip position). Once your hands are positioned correctly, lower and raise the weight as if you were doing a normal bench press routine. You should immediately begin to feel the resistance in your arms and chest.

Exercise 3: Parallel Bar Dips - For this exercise you will need to locate the dip machine somewhere in your gym. If for some reason your gym doesn't have a dip machine then locate two parallel bars you can lift yourself up with.

To begin, lift yourself up with your legs bent behind you at about a ninety degree angle. Make sure your body is completely straight and leaning neither backwards nor forwards. If you lean too much in either direction then most of the resistance will be placed on your triceps and not your chest muscles. Then simply lower and raise yourself as you would with a normal dip. Your goal here should be to do at least 10 reps with 20 being more or less ideal.


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