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Powerlifting Routines For Beginners - A Few Helpful Tips On Beginner Powerlifting

Powerlifting is a phrase that goes hand in hand with bodybuilding and for good reason. If you're goal is get truly ripped, massive muscles the only exercise routine you can possibly do that will deliver those kind of results is powerlifting.

So what exactly is powerlifting?

As it is technically defined, powerlifting is a type of competitive weight lifting that involves the bench press, squats, and dead lifts. But powerlifting is also a term that is liberally used to apply to the use of very heavy weight in a weight lifting program.

While powerlifting and bodybuilding are terms that go hand in hand not all powerlifters are bodybuilders. One of the key differences between a bodybuilder and a powerlifter that bodybuilders generally train specific muscle groups while powerlifters typically movements instead of specific areas. For example, instead of doing six or seven different exercises for their chest, the typical powerlifter will focus on movements that improve their bench.

If you are brand new to powerlifting, here some helpful tips to get you started....

1. Bench - When you are powerlifting on bench you need to place your feet firmly on the floor with your lower back arched slightly. As you take the weight off the rack make sure to keep the weight nice and even and whatever you do, do not attempt the chest bounce.

2. Squats - For squats you are going to need to assume the shoulder width stance which for most people is the strongest possible position. Once the proper stance has been assumed, keep your lower and upper back tight and slightly arched. If you begin to feel pain in your joints make sure to put the weight back immediately before you do damage to your joints.

3. Deadlifts - Of the three powerlifting exercises listed here, deadlifts are usually the most difficult to recover from because the most strain on your joints and muscles. The great things about deadlifts, though, is that they work multiple muscle groups including your arms, the upper and lower back, and even your hamstrings. Because this exercise is so difficult to recover from it's very important that you perform a thorough warm up before attempting it.

Final Words

Powerlifting is very tough and grueling and requires tremendous strength to even attempt. If you have been working out for less than one year you should not even attempt to powerlift anything regardless of how strong you may or may not be. Also, because of the tremendous strain that powerlifting places on your joints it's vital that you take some sort of joint soother supplements regularly through out the week to prevent serious injuries to your joint.s


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