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Deltoid Exercises and Facts - Why You Need To Spend More Time Working Your Deltoids

The deltoids, or shoulder muscles, tend to be one of the most overlooked and under-exercised muscle groups for people who are trying to build muscle along with the calves and forearms. The reason for this is because the deltoids are not as glamorous as some of the other muscle groups.

While not the most 'glamorous' muscle group the deltoids are crucial to the success of developing your entire upper body and it is therefore critical to your muscle building success that you develop a proper routine for working your should muscles.

As an added benefit of developing your shoulders your upper body will typically look bigger and your waist will consequently look smaller, giving your body that desirable 'V' that non-weight lifters covet. So, a good shoulder routine can help to improve your overall body strength and enhance your overall physical appearance.

One common misconception about the deltoids is that they are one muscle group when in fact they are composed of three separate muscle groups: the front deltoids, the side deltoids, and the rear deltoids. In order for your shoulders, and therefore your entire upper body to look proportioned, it's important that the exercises you perform work each of these different muscle groups.

Of the three muscle groups that compose the deltoids, the front deltoids are typically the strongest. The focal point of your exercise routine, therefore, should be your front deltoids. Some really great exercises that really work the front deltoids include the military press as well as the standard shoulder press.

The side deltoids are the second strongest of the muscles and can best be worked by using side lateral exercises. The best side lateral exercises can generally be performed with a cable machine.

The rear deltoid is of course the weakest of the three muscles and naturally tends to be the most overlooked. The best exercise I have found for isolating the rear deltoid muscle are rear raises with dumbbells as well as incline dips.


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