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Dumbbell Presses For Experienced Athletes - The 4 Best Dumbbell Press Exercises

Free weight or dumbbell exercises are a must for any truly proper muscle building program because free weights are tending to be far superior in isolating your muscle groups than other kinds of weights and forms of resistance.

The reason this is the case is because when you are using barbell or nautilus machines one muscle may be cheating for the other muscle which results in one muscle being more developed than other muscle that is being exercised. By utilizing dumbbell pressing exercises into your workout routine you are nearly guaranteed way to add strength, mass, and endurance to each of your muscle groups

Here are what I believe to be the four best dumbbell pressing exercises...

Exercise 1: Seated Alternating Shoulder Presses - First, find a seat with a back support. Then hold the dumbbells with straights arms above your head and shoulders with your palms facing front to back. Next, lower one dumbbell at a time on the outside of your shoulder and as the weight comes down, raise the opposite weight in the same fashion.

Exercise 2: Alternating Chest Presses - To begin, lay down on a flat bench while holding two dumbbells above your chest with straight arms. Then lower one dumbbell down until it nearly touches your chest and then, while raising one weight, slower lift the other weight you are holding in the same manner.

Exercise 3: The Arnold Press - For this exercise you can either sit down on a bench with no back support, grab two dumbbells, and with slightly bent arms and with palms facing you. Next, push the weights up slowly while turning your thumbs in so that by that your hands essentially rotate as they come up and down

Exercise 4: Single Arm Chest Presses - For this exercise you will need to lay down on a flat bench with a single dumbbell gripped with your arm bent to the outside of your chest. Once you are in this position push the dumbbell all the way up and back down again while also having your abdominals locked into position to keep your body steady.


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