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How To Build Leg Muscle Quickly - 3 Tips Guaranteed To Build Big Leg Muscles Quickly

The leg muscles tend to be the most overlooked and under-worked muscles for the average bodybuilder. This is usually the case for one of four reasons:

  • The leg muscles are the least glamorous of all the body's muscles
  • There just never seems to be enough time after all of your other exercises to spend time on a good leg workout routine
  • The average person simply hasn't been instructed properly on how to do a leg workout routine
  • The leg muscles have a tendency to be bit more stubborn than the other muscle groups

In this article we are going to look at how to develop your leg muscles to their full potential and how you can start results quickly.

Allocate The Time - Of the four reasons listed above, the one that probably prohibits most people from building their leg muscles to their full potential is that they simply don't allocate enough time during the week to spend on their legs.

If you really want to get big leg muscles fast you need to spend at least 4 hours per week training your legs with 6 hours being more or less ideal. If you find it difficult to set aside a separate day for your legs then try dividing your leg workout into thirds and performing a third of your leg workout on your triceps and biceps day, another third on your chest day, and another third on your chest or shoulder day. If you chose to do this, be sure to give your legs at least a 48 hour rest between workouts.

Mix Up Your Routine - When you mix up your routine you change the order of your exercises. For example, if your normal routine is hack squats, seated leg curls, leg presses, calf raises, squats, and upper thigh squeezes then on your next workout completely reverse the order and start with thigh squeezes and end with hack squats. If you opt to split up your leg routine in thirds, you should still mix up your routine as if you were doing it all on one day.

Superset At Least Twice Per Month - There are different several kinds of supersets that you can chose to do (pre-exhaustion supersets, post- exhaustion supersets, and antagonistic super sets) but in the very least you should some kind of superset for your legs at least twice per month.

I admit that when comes to my legs I do tend to get a bit lazy opt for the basic superset technique. The basic superset technique works like this: On set one, chose a weight that you feel can do no more than four times and on each succeeding set lower the weight a little bit (usually around 10 pounds) so that you can do no more than four reps for a total of five sets.

If you put all three of these tips discussed here to use I'm confident you will start to see results within just a couple of months.


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