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How To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels Without Resorting To Drugs

When it comes to building muscle, there are many factors that determine how big and fast your muscles will develop. One of the primary factors responsible for muscular development is the infamous male hormone testosterone.

Here is the good and bad news when it comes to testosterone....

The bad news is that testosterone levels in men are largely determined by genetics. This means that when you are born a certain amount of testosterone is scheduled to be circulated through out your body from puberty to old age. The good news, however, is that there are ways to increase the testosterone levels in your body and thus spur faster and bigger muscle gains.

The most well known way to increase testosterone levels is to take steroids which certainly have been proven to facilitate muscle gains quickly in most men and even women. Of course, steroids are also illegal and have many potentially harmful side effects. But again, there is some good news here.

The good news is that there are two natural ways to bolster testosterone levels without resorting to harmful drugs...

Reduce Alcohol Consumption - Alcohol may be the most popular party drug in the country but it is also extremely harmful and one of the harms of alcohol is that it tends to reduce testosterone levels and actually increase estrogen levels in men. A few drinks a day (2-3) won't do much damage but 5 or more alcoholic beverages is the danger zone. To maximize muscle gains, I suggest limiting yourself to no more than 12 alcoholic drinks per week (1 beer is one alcoholic drink).

Get Lots Of Beauty Sleep - Research has shown that failure to get enough sleep after exercise can cause your body's testosterone levels to decline by as much as forty percent! The proper amount of sleep required to maintain high testosterone levels is 7-8 hours on your workout days. If you find this difficult to attain, remember that there are plenty of over the counter sleep aids available to help you get the proper amount of sleep.


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