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Get Bigger Calves - A Few Tips For Building Bigger Calves

So before we get to the nitty gritty here I wanted to go over some of the muscle basics. Muscles are used by the body to protect internal organs and to aid in movement and mobility. It may come as a shock, but muscles were not put on your body in order to make you look good!

Your muscles exist to a large degree because of how much they are used; precisely why people who are bed ridden develop atrophied muscles. Your calves carry you around all day and night and at just about any given moment while you are walking or running your calves carry nearly twice your bodyweight because of the applied force and pressure. This means that nearly every day that you walk or run around you are really performing thousands of partial repetitions!

OK, so now that out of the way let's look at how we can pile muscle mass onto your calves...

The first secret to getting bigger calves is that each rep you perform must be done with near perfect form and exaggerated motion. What this means is that with each rep you perform you must stretch so far down that your heels nearly touch the floor and it also means that you should raise yourself on the top of your toes....just like a ballet dancer.

The next secret is something called the 'magic rep', which really means the magic number of reps that maximize muscles gains and minimize possible damage to your calves. In my experience as both a weight lifter and fitness researcher the magic number of reps is three.

You may have heard some people say that the magic number of reps you should perform for strength is eight to twelve. It's not necessarily that this number is wrong so much as it is assumed that everyone uses near perfect exaggerated form and this is simply not the case when it comes to building your calve muscles.

So what is the 'magic' behind the number 3?

When you do just enough weight to do only 3 reps each rep is being treated as the last rep and this is largely where the real muscle building takes place. Therefore, the magic of the three rep set is that you get to perform three ending repetitions as if each was your last rep. So there's really no magic at all its just basic physiology.

As an added bonus, three rep sets are much easier to do than 8-10 reps!


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