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Weight Lifting Workout Secrets - 3 Little Known Tips To Getting Seriously Ripped

When it comes to weight lifting and building muscle, there is a super ton of information on what is the proper and fastest way to build muscle. Unfortunately most of this information is merely hearsay with little evidence to support it. In this article I'm going to share with you three secrets to getting seriously ripped that I have learned through nine years of research and painful trial and error at the gym.

Secret #1: Don't Work All Of Your Muscles Every Time You Work Out

Working out every muscle every time you workout is kind of an old school technique but it's a technique that simply isn't supported by much scientific evidence. The main problem with this old school style is that your muscles aren't given enough time to rest and repair the damage done to the muscle from the workout.

Indeed, for some people such a technique can even reverse your muscle gains. Many fitness experts, myself included, have repeatedly found that working each muscle group once or twice per week allows your muscles to grow faster. This means that short, intense workouts focused on one muscle group build muscle faster and more efficiently than constantly working out the same group of muscle four or five days a week.

Secret #2: Weight Training Does NOT Diminish Flexibility

Until recently, I wasn't even aware that there were many people who believed that by building muscle mass you consequently lose some or most of your flexibility. Not only is this myth not at all true but if you perform stretching exercises before, during, and after your weight lifting programs you will actually grow more flexible, not less so.

Secret #3: Proper Nutrition Is Critical To Building Muscle Mass

No matter what kind of workout routine you adopt or how hard or how frequently you workout, if you don't have a proper diet then you will never be able to achieve your full muscle building potential. According to nutritionists, anywhere from fifty to eighty percent of your muscle growth is directly dependent on what you eat.

So what should you eat to help build muscle?

As a general guideline, your muscle building diet should be made up of at least twenty-five percent protein, twenty-five percent should be made up of non-trans fats and fibers, and the remaining fifty percent should be made up of complex carbohydrates.

Your sugar intake should be kept to no more than 75 grams of sugars per day and bear in mind that a single can of soda usually contains on average about 24 grams of sugar. Also, a good rule of thumb is to consume 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight with a minimum of one hundred grams per day you workout.


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