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Spring Into Your Routine

When we turn the calendars to March, there is always an excited feeling. Why is it so exciting to start the month of March? Well, for starters, February is over. Now we are one step closer to the season we all look forward to from the time summer ended last year: Spring. Spring is a season of change, new beginnings and fresh starts. No matter how your year started, spring can always bring you some rejuvenation. One of the most exciting things about the season is getting outside again. By the time March comes, it feels like we have been inside for a year! In Minnesota, we still have a little time to go, but at least we know the end is in sight. So what do you do with the end of winter?

Getting in Shape for TEOTWAWKI

Health and fitness is not something most people consider when preparing for "the end of the world as we know it." But they should. People tend to take for granted just how easy we have it. Up until the last century, most people throughout history worked from sunup to sundown in fields and gardens just so they could get enough food to do it again the next day. Nowadays, except for those living in third world countries, food isn't much of a concern for most people. In fact, most people are more worried about eating too much food! As a result, modern man has become soft, weak and very dependent on the system. If teotwawki arrives, many people won't even have the endurance necessary to keep themselves alive.

How to Tone Those Legs!

I noticed that the opposite sex pay utmost attention to their bodies, especially their legs. They go to great efforts just to tone those legs. I can't blame them though; it is such a sight when you see a woman wearing a mini skirt or short shorts with long sexy lean legs. We men can't help but imagine those long smooth legs curled around us. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being a pervert or something, I just want to show my appreciation of those toned legs. Naturally, we men have hairy and not so smooth legs; this is the reason why I must ask you to understand our fascination when we see women with long sexy legs. But enough about us men and the things we think of.

5 Stretches to Help You Warm Up Before Exercising

As much as we allot our time to exercise, we must also bear in mind the importance of stretching and warming up. But why exactly is it important to stretch and warm up? What would happen if we skip stretching and proceed directly to exercise? Well here it is. Stretching and warming up helps increase the flow of blood inside our bodies which would then help us work our muscles. Stretching and warming up properly also prevents our bodies from acquiring injury when we start to exercise. The stiffness of our muscles would decrease, therefore making us have increased capability to perform the exercise well. Having pointed out the importance of stretching, here are some examples of stretches that you can perform before you start your exercise.

Muscles of Rotator Cuff - The Essential Properties

This is a guide to the muscles of rotator cuff and muscles in general. I specifically want to cover the properties, types and major functions of a muscle. Muscle function and its ability to heal and grow stronger, as outlined below, are especially important features. Anyone who has injured the rotator cuff will benefit from this. Read on to discover just how you can take effective action to heal yourself. Muscles are one of those things that most of us take completely for granted. That is until something goes wrong and one becomes too painful to use and we find we are concentrating on nothing else, Sound familiar? Yes of course it does, there are very few of us who have never hurt ourselves in just such a way.

The P90X Workout - Exactly How I Transformed From a Sofa Potato to a Sculpted Guy in 90 Days

The P90X Workout and me... For those who weren't sticking with all of my similar posts about this entire health and fitness gig, allow me to summarize quickly. Right after my sweetheart came up right out about it and labeled me an out-of-shape slob towards my face (yes, it was not pleasing), along with a couple of additional alternative titles I would fairly not really discuss throughout well mannered company, I made a decision getting off my own butt and off my own sofa and dive into the P90X workout. Precisely why this particular strategy? My mate have been carrying it out for around two months in which he was initially building very good final results, I must let you know.

Combining Women's Cardio Training And Women's Strength Training For Weight Loss

If you really want to lose weight, you can combine cardio training and strength training for weight loss. A healthy eating plan is essential, even if you plan to incorporate cardio training and strength training. If you are searching for a healthy weight loss diet, you might get confused between low-carb, low-fat or low-calorie options. It is helpful to take each component separately and combine them for efficiency. Combining Women's Cardio Training And Strength Training: You don't need any fancy equipment, if you are combining cardio training and strength training because there are a variety of cardio exercises you can do for 30 minutes each day, including brisk walking and running.

Fight Holiday Indulgence With Kids Exercises

Throughout the year, there are dozens of holidays that give people reason to celebrate and have a good time. Most holidays offer a reason to overindulge in fattening foods, sweets and sugary beverages. Kids are especially targeted, but there is a way to combat the added holiday calories. The answer is kids exercise. Come October, you know there are plenty of opportunities for sweets over the next few months. First there's Halloween, then an abundance of food and desserts at Thanksgiving. Christmas is right around the corner and your child is sure to receive candy from classroom parties, Santa Claus visits, relatives and their stocking. A sigh of relief is felt at the New Year, but right around the corner is Valentine's Day, St.

How To Dunk - Increase Your Vertical Jump at Home in 3 Easy Steps

Dunking a basketball is one of the most impressive feats in sports, no doubt about it. But what if your lack of hops leaves you barely above the net when you want to be above the rim? Don't worry. Here is a simple three step plan to get you jumping out of the gym in no time. First, we will look at ways to lose that extra weight that could be weighing you down. Then we will see how to build up the strength that is so necessary to jumping high. Finally, we will learn why being able to rapidly apply this strength is the key to jumping higher. Let's begin... Step 1: Lose Extra Flab Have you ever tried playing basketball with a weighted vest on? (I recommend trying it if you haven't) When you take that vest off, suddenly you feel like you can move faster, jump higher, and suddenly possess reflexes of lightning.

Exercising - My Experience

Introduction I have been exercising since I got into the habit when I was 35 years old. That was when I woke up and found I was overweight, and had some potential health problems. I am not a health expert, I did not get a degree in exercise nor do I have a Doctors degree, all I have is life experience. This is what I have learned from over 30 years of life experience. Past Experience When I when I started exercising I had a day job, I would exercise at a health club, and would use it diligently five to six days a week. I would get up in the morning at about 5 AM and do a thirty minute run and after work would work out at the health club for about 45 minutes.

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