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Can Home Vision Therapy Improve Learning Disabilities?

The effectiveness of home vision therapy for the treatment of learning disabilities is often debated by professionals, but as someone who has worked with learning disabilities for over 20 years, I am absolutely convinced of the power that home therapy offers to help the frustrated and disillusioned parents of a struggling child! What Is Home Vision Therapy? Home Vision Therapy is the term given to a series of vision training exercises that are able to be adequately performed at home by parents. With careful and complete instruction, many vision exercises can be performed by parents at home, with the big advantage that they can be done every day rather than making a special trip into the behavioral optometrist, orthoptist, occupational therapist or the like.

Proven Eye Drops Can Get Rid of Eye Irritations

It is fairly tough to observe or actually accomplish things with a set of burning eyes. The unfavorable discomfort it delivers to our entire body permits us to not conduct more duties and instead put attention on the soreness in our eyes. This would then provide a counterproductive output for us especially to more important matters in our lives. Burning eyes in many cases are a result of dried up eyes. Basically, our these need ample moisture to become clearer and thus allowing us to see more pleasantly and normally. But, plenty of factors in our risky environment these days contribute to the dryness of the eyes. One is the overuse of contact lenses as these are applied directly to the it.

Tips For Maintaining Your Eyes

Your eyes are very important. What would you do if your eyes did not allow you to see? We usually do not think about it although we are using them daily and sometimes we are using them even too much. Especially if we work on a computer, eyes can get very tired. However, we should keep our eyes in good health. There are many ways to do it. It is a daily task. There are various aspects to take into consideration. All of them are important. 1st) Keep your eyes clean. Wash them simply with clean water. Be careful if you use make up for your eyes. Take it off thoroughly before you go to sleep. 2nd) Cover your eyes when the sun shines. Bright light is not good for your eyes.

Eye Twitching and Your Emotions

Eye twitching is actually very common. Virtually everyone gets affected by it at least once in his or her life. It is caused by the involuntary movement of the muscles in the eyelids. That's why it's also referred to as eyelid spasm. Generally it is not harmful, but it can be very annoying, even embarrassing. The problem is caused by a lot of things. There may be some irritation in the eyes. If you lack sleep, if you have too much coffee, or if you're under a lot of stress, your eyes may also twitch. It may also happen if you have been staring in the computer or television for too long. The eye twitches too if you're suffering from epilepsy or a neurological disorder.

How To Improve Your Eyesight

Our five senses are all important to us but if there's one we'd like to lose last, it's our vision. It's practically what makes us feel like we're part of this whole colorful dynamo called the world. Although our sense of hearing, touch, taste and smell are part of our being, it's our sense of sight that gives us the first significant appreciation of what we have around us, especially those simple joys. We drool at the sight of chocolates, we cry at the sight of people in-love, we laugh at a joke on Reader's Digest and so on. There are millions of reasons why our sight will always matter to us, and there are as many reasons why we should take that extra mile to keep it.

How Is IPL Laser Used To Treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) technology is a scientifically-accepted technique of managing various skin conditions, such as vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, rosacea, sunlight damage, and acne, as well as for removing unwanted hair. IPL devices were manufactured for the first time in 1994, focused largely to dermatologists. They are sometimes referred to as lasers. But IPL devices are actually different from lasers because the light originates from a ultra-bright, high-energy flashlamp that emits light of varied wavelengths (which means they are of various colours). In contrast, real lasers have a medium that produces|are designed to emit light of uniform wavelength (and just one colour).

How to Deal With Chemical Burns to the Eye

Any chemical burns to the eye constitute a very serious emergency. What you must understand is that permanent damage can occur within just a few seconds of the chemical coming in contact with the eye. In fact the first 20 minutes following the accident will determine the permanency of the damage. The key issue here is expediency, the sooner first aid can be applied the less likely damage will be done. Whilst this is true of most injuries, it is only a generalised statement and in some cases certain types of chemicals can cause immediate permanent damage regardless of the first aid applied. With chemical burns to the eye, burning and tissue damage continues as long as any of the chemical is left in the eye even if the chemical has been diluted.

Why So Many People Are Having Eye Problems and Getting Computer Vision Syndrome

"Doctor, my eyes are sore, red and crusty everyday! Can you help me find our what is causing this?" Doctor replies: How much time do you spend on a computer?" This is a common, everyday complaint at many ophthalmologists and vision centers. The fact that so many people are spending less time outside in natural sunlight, especially in the winter months, is contributing to this growing problem of sore, computer eyes. It has been given the name "computer vision syndrome" and ophthalmologists are warning people to take precautions to avoid this eye syndrome that can lead to further eye ailments. Computer monitors are designed with lighting that is very unnatural to the human eye.

How to Choose Glasses That Fit You

As glasses are often replaced every two to three years, one can often forget what they looked good in the last time they went through the process. Not everybody has the option of getting expert help when looking for new frames (although it is highly recommended), so if you are going it alone, and even if you aren't, there are a few things that should be kept in mind while making this big decision. First, talk to your optician about your prescription and see if the lenses you need can be used with any type of frame. While most prescriptions can be cut to fit all styles there are some that cannot, such as some high powered bifocals. It is best to get this information as early as possible in order to avoid future heartbreak when you find out that your particular prescription cannot be moulded to fit that pair of square rimless frames you were eying.

Two Ways to Protect Your Eyesight Away From Your Desk

It is becoming common knowledge that staring into a computer screen all day while at work is not the most beneficial activity for the protection of eyesight. Many have heard the numerous tips to keep from going blind provided by worried friends and anxious relatives: take regular breaks away from the computer, sit at an appropriate distance away from the screen, do various eye exercises throughout the day, ask your employer for an eye care voucher, etc. But two very important steps to protecting vision in the workplace do not take place there at all, it all starts at home. For decades various doctors have told of the health benefits of getting a full night's rest and it is becoming increasingly more apparent that this affects every part of the body, even eyes.

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