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The Importance of Funny Videos

Watching funny videos has its own advantages. When life has become very monotonous these days you have to enjoy certain moments in it by way of relaxation of mind. There are many ways of diverting your mind. Some of the well-known diversions include reading books, listening to good music and watching movies to name a few. Watching videos has become increasingly a popular means of diversion these days thanks to the demanding circumstances around us that makes us grope for amusement opportunities. In short it can be said that watching funny videos is an opportunity to amuse thoroughly. It is one of the ways by which the tension prevailing in the mind can be subjugated.

African Safari Adventure Guide for Losing Unwanted Acquaintances

You are hyped about your upcoming African safari, but you can't get over the fact that your stupid, irritating "friend" somehow secured a place with your group. Immediately you consider how entertaining it would be to dangle him over a waterhole from the raised walkways at Ulusaba in the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve, but chances are there will be witnesses and you will have to live in guilt for the rest of your life. Don't worry, there are other ways that you can scare him from ever joining you on safari again. This result can be achieved using our handy "Safari Adventure Guide - For the Brave but Stupid". Best of all, it's all yours for the low, low price of - free!

Why NOT to Take Laughter for Granted

Laughter in Detail We laugh almost every day. Usually, we take laughing for granted. This article will explore laughter a little more deeply. Laughter is an outward expression of and inward feeling of joy, humor, or excitement. Think about the last time you laughed. Hopefully it was today. Laughter can ensue from jokes, pictures, uncomfortable situations, and even-don't forget-tickling. Modern research shows that some infants have vocal sounds similar to laughter at only 17 days old! Wow, just two weeks old and an infant tries to laugh. This illustrates a great point-laughter is a universal human language. Step aside, math! Laughter is wayyyy cooler than numbers!

Some Musings on Laughter

Here are some musings on laughter--these are my musings but I also will write about what other famous people such as Freud or Nietzche had to say on the topic.:) It's easy to take laughter for granted. But I've decided to delve deeper into the concept of laughter for a few moments. Here are my musings on laughter: First of all, what the hell is laughter exactly? Like, why do we laugh? Sometimes people's laughs are contagious and that causes us to laugh. But seriously, think about it. You say something and another person (or yourself) starts to breathe differently and make a funny noise. And people do it together. In fact, laughter definitely brings people together.

Telling Jokes to Kids - Things to Keep in Mind

A group of kids can make for a pretty tough room when telling jokes. Not only does common sense come into play in knowing what jokes are appropriate, but there are a few things you should do to improve your chances of gaining that which is one of life's greatest experiences, the laughter of a child. Get their attention Whether it is just one kid or a room full of them, you can't effectively set up a joke if they are not even focused on you. Make sure to make eye contact. This is also one of the times when you actually want to say, "Wanna hear a joke?" Help them follow along You may have to speak a little slower than you would with an adult. You should also put emphasis on certain words or ideas you want them to pay attention to.

How to Tell a Joke - 5 Tips for Success

A well-placed and well-timed joke can work wonders for everything from breaking the ice to rounding out your big speech. Being able to get a small group or even a full room to laugh can also help your own confidence and alleviate anxiousness in an unfamiliar setting. Whether your goal is to add some levity to a stressful situation, or just to have a few laughs with your friends, here are a few tips on how to tell a joke. Know the joke It is always a little uncomfortable to watch someone say "Oh! That reminds me of this joke... but, I can't remember how it goes." Or maybe you have been trapped in the middle of a joke that the teller can't quite get through;

Writing Jokes - The Rules of Stand Up Comedy

Writing jokes for stand up comedy is specific to the performer. It's a performance art, so the writing should consider how the joke will be delivered. There are a few rules that help for a good routine on stage, though not a guarantee. Be original. Stealing other comedian's jokes is a big no no, even if you can do the joke better than the guy who wrote it first. However, there is such a thing as parallel thinking. This is why having your distinct point of view about a topic is essential in creating unique material. When you write, keep in mind how you're actually going to say it onstage. A lot of times, the written material is hilarious but falls flat when performed live.

Humor Article: How To Learn A Foreign Language in 24 Hours

Many people state that they've always wanted to learn a foreign language. Perhaps they've taken classes in high school and want pick up where they left off. Or maybe they purchased some CD's to listen to in the car. Here is a way to become completely fluent in a foreign language in 24 hours. 1. Most people learn their own language as an infant and small child. In those days all they heard was "get down from there", "get that out of your mouth", "don't put that in Daddy's ear while he's sleeping" and so on. Your first task is to hire a native speaker in the language you want to learn. 2. Tell the native speaker to follow you around all day and yell at you like they would at an infant, but always in the native language.

The Leno Letterman Dilemma

Every weeknight one of the above programs comes on following the ten o'clock news. I then race to either: 1- turn the TV down (notice I said down and not off ). 2- switch the channel to ABC, where the, IMO, dumbed down (since Ted Koppel left), Nightline comes on. Usually I am otherwise occupied at this time and my race is unsuccessful. Thus I am forced to listen to either Leno or Letterman's upcoming lineup of guests. This can be quite depressing. I'm not certain how this has happened, but I never seem to recognize anyone in the lineup. Well, I admit that once in a blue moon some names do sound kinda familiar. But really, for all I know the person in question could be an ice skater or a monkey trainer.

A New Paradigm of Life

Jane cleared the dining table and asked, "Now that the kids have gone to bed, do you want to settle the accounts for this week?" Jim, her husband said, "OK, we might as well get it over with." Both moved to the adjoining rooms and brought their respective folders. "I'm ready, " Jane said. "OK, ladies first." "Thanks, Jim. Here we go; cooking 700, house- keeping 1000, attending to children 700, WD 2000, penalty 200 and the total works out to$4600." Jim squirmed in his chair and read out from his folder, "Working eight hours a day for five days 1000, overtime work 200, buying groceries 500, driving you and the kids two days 300, suffering my boss 300, GS 1600, and it all adds up to $3900.

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