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How Can You Tell If Your Child Is Being Picked On?

Does your child come home from school upset and crying, yet she can't tell you why? Does your child refuse to go to school quite often, and want to stay home? If so, you're not alone. Many kids are picked on and bullied at school. When this happens, they don't want to go to school because they feel abused and trampled on. There is nothing worse than that for your child. These kinds of abuse could have a negative impact on your child for years to come, and sometimes for a lifetime. There are things that we, as parents, can do to help our child if (s)he is picked on at school. Here are a few tips to determine whether your kid is being picked on. 1. Does your child talk about her friends?

Summer Jobs and Activities for Tweens and Teens

Spring is upon us and summer can't be far behind. The economy is still not at its best. Summer jobs may be difficult to find for kids ages 13 to 18. Here are some ideas for summer activities for tweens and teens. Summer camps for younger children often are in need of camp counselors. Teens make great camp assistants because young children look up to them. Research summer camps in your area. The local YMCA may offer day camps and there are many types of camps that offer one week or two week camp stays. The counselor positions may not always be a paid position but a volunteer position looks great on a college application. Church camp, asthma camp, and a local camps offered for city children are all possibilities worth looking into for a summer activity.

Why Your Child Should Understand Self-Respect

From the "Mission" statement of the public school district in my town, we read that "excellence" is now the reason for the existence of the school system. But, excellence at what? They don't say. Let me simply say, excellence, by itself, is not a mission. It could be called a standard, however, if we look closely, the public school system has no standards or even goals. What Is the mission of the school system? Under the schools' multi-page Strategic Plan, there is no mention of schooling. Nowhere is there any hint that educators are expected to teach basic skills and/or knowledge that children might need in their lives. Nowhere is any mention of what those skills or knowledge might be.

Kids Love Indoor Games

There are many times throughout the year that kids are forced to play indoors. The weather may be too hot, too cold or too wet. Whatever the circumstance, kids need indoor games to keep them active, healthy and entertained. Kids shouldn't feel like the only thing they can do inside is watch television or sit at the computer. Indoor games for kids don't have to be too complicated or take a long time to play. The point is for the kids to have fun and enjoy time with their family. This is also a great opportunity to sneak in some exercise for your kids when they don't realize it. There are tons of kids' games available for all ages. Look online or in books, find a few that you and your kids will like, and write them down.

Give The Mini Kick Scooter As a Gift to Your Kids

As a more well-liked alternative to bikes, kids' scooters is a nice selection for getting youngsters into sports and exercising. Father and mother who are looking to encourage their children to be more active would possibly do well to think about a mini kick scooter as kick scooters is actually a cool way for children to obtain physical exercise for body and mind. These days, kick scooters are generally created of sturdy aluminum alloy and come in a number of styles and colors and a huge vary of manufacturers. A mini kick scooter can be found at many of the big grocery store and discount stores. Razor scooters are particularly top rated in that they create a wide range of kids' scooters to suit demand and additionally manufacture electric scooters for kids.

Buying Presents for Other People's Children

Over the years, it can be startling how many presents you seem to buy for other people's children, whether your friends children, your children's friends, nephews, nieces or God children. We hope this guide will give you some food for thought. Your friend's children When we were younger we got into the habit of buying Christmas and Birthday presents for our friends children. Then, as our own children got older, we started to realise just how much stuff children accumulate - all those little presents really add up. One of our friends suggested that we stopped buying for each other and although it seemed a bit mean initially we think she was absolutely right.

3 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Becoming Obese

The percentage of obese kids in America has skyrocketed in recent years and many parents are looking for ways to prevent their children from becoming grossly overweight. Childhood obesity occurs when a child eats more calories than their body burns up. A child is considered obese when they weigh over 10% more than the recommended weight for their height and body type. Between 16% and 33% of children and adolescents are obese. What can we do to help our children lead a healthy lifestyle free from weight issues and related problems? Overeating+inactivity+boredom=obesity. 1. Don't eat too much food. The problem: There is a direct link between nutrition and obesity in children.

Choose the Best Toys For Girls

As the cliche goes "diamonds are a women's best friend" but since little girls are still clueless about how magnificent diamonds are, let's focus on the one's they can truly appreciate, enjoy, and are way cheaper than the former. The top gifts you can give to your precious angels can be traditional gifts or something that is trendy. Little girls have wide imaginations. They make different scenarios while playing with their dolls, tea sets, or just simple pretending or imitating their idols. Toys for girls give plenty of opportunities for them to be creative. Given that we are now at a very modern generation, kids still play toys that come in various forms.

Truth, Disillusionment, and Hope

As a therapist, one of the battles I face every week is the one between offering hope, telling the truth, and allowing parents to remain in a state of denial or disillusionment. Most often this comes in the face of a possible diagnosis. Parents frequently ask if I think their child has a particular diagnosis, if they should pursue an official diagnosis, how the diagnosis they have received will impact their child, and what their future will hold. Because I do not have a degree which allows me to tell a family directly what I think their child may have, I tend to tell them what I observe and what concerns I may have about their child's actions or behavior.

How To Pick The Right Book Club For Your Kids

Childhood is the time when children explore and discover new things around them. Their minds are like a sponge ready to absorb all the information that will be available to them. That is why this stage of development is very crucial. It will determine these kids' future as individuals and giving them opportunities to become productive is very important. One of the things that parents do for their children is to engage them in something that is educational. For this reason, parents will find it wise to buy their children books or enroll them in a book clubs where they can interact with other children. However, choosing the right book club is a serious task for parents who want the best for their kids.

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