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Why Didn't Your Last Trade Show Pay Profits?

A few weeks ago I visited a trade show and strolled each of the aisles several times. As I did I picked up a few ad premiums, dropped my card in about two dozen "fish bowl" drawings (didn't win a thing! ) and got my show ID scanned a few times. I talked with a few reps about what they did, and actually found one that I wanted to talk with. He was working with another attendee, so I handed him my card with a note saying "Call Me". That was over a month ago. And not a single exhibitor has contacted me. Have you ever wondered why you Trade Show Investment didn't pay off? Have you thought about your follow-up? In the past year we participated in a few trade shows around the region.

Postcard Marketing - Turning Your Press Releases Into Promotional Postcards

Got important news you need to share with your customers or clients? Want to make sure they actually receive your announcement in their hands? Postcard Marketing is a great way to get your news in front of the people who matter most to your business. But unlike press releases, which are generally distributed to the press, these postcards are sent directly to your customers. It's a nearly guaranteed way to make sure your target audience hears your big news, because they'll get it right in their mailbox. You may have tried emailing your press releases to customers, but how do you know they're actually reading it? You might put your press release on your homepage, but how many of your customers will actually visit your site this month?

Postcard Marketing - Heart-Melting Promotional Postcards For Valentine's Day

You might be sending your sweetie some flowers for Valentine's Day, but what are you sending your customers? Valentine's Day is a great time of the year to promote your products with holiday-themed promotional postcards. It might be too late to launch a campaign this year, but for many businesses, Valentine's Day is a can't-miss opportunity to generate sales from postcard marketing, year after year. You don't have to run a flower shop or candy store to capitalize on Valentine's Day either. No matter what product or service you offer, you can entice your customers with a sweet deal they can't refuse. If you run a brick-and-mortar shop, start with local marketing.

Free Newsletter Ideas Sure to Inspire

Inspiration for the company newsletter can come in any form. It is more likely to be read if it is interesting and creative, fun and well-written, but it also must have some pizzazz to entice the reader to read it from top to bottom. This inspiration can come in unlikely forms. It is important to know that great marketing specialists and advertisers know that simple ideas translate better in the newsletter medium than more complex ideas. If the reader is unable to grasp the concepts, then the newsletter is failing at informing the reader as to what is being sold. How Do I Use This Product Anyway? It is possible to take inspiration from any source available.

Post Card Template - How to Create the Best Looking Postcards Online!

If you are looking for a Post Card Template, look no further, because what you are about to discover is going to blow you away. Three years ago, I was searching for a post card template online just like you are doing right now. I searched high and low for a template that I could fully customize. During my search, I came across a neat little service called Send Out Cards that allows you to instantly create customized postcards from your computer. So, since the service offers a free trial, I decided to give it a shot! Boy was I happy that I did. I could not believe how super simple and fun it was to create a custom postcard campaign with the post card template that they provided.

Create Maximum Exposure For Your Accounting Services Through Brochure Printing

Tax season is just around the corner. A few months from now, small businesses as well as large corporations must file their annual income taxes. What better way to maximize your exposure as a local accounting services company than to create brochures. Brochure printing is an effective way of highlighting your business and giving your prospective clients an eye-view of the services you offer. Below are tips on how to create a compelling brochure. Tips on Creating a Compelling Brochure 1. Be concise and precise. Nothing beats a concise and precise brochure. Beating around the bush is a no-no for compelling brochures. Accounting services' main clientele are business owners that are, most of the time busy and do not have the luxury of reading the nitty gritty of the services you offer.

Tips For Trifold Brochure Design

The basic approach to the trifold brochure design circulates around such concepts. As it is a very important device of your business and also one of the important elements of corporate identity design, so it is equally important that you leave this in the hands of professional designers. So let us analyze few tips that would help us to make a trifold brochure that we need. Define the text The first and basic step in the design is to prepare a text which would be included in your brochure. It is a designing, the company wants to achieve and the message transmitted to it. Therefore the text should be explanatory, clear and precise. If you provide excessive information than the recipients would not even read a brochure.

Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Used Trade Show Booth

It can be quite expensive to buy a brand new trade fair booth if you have just started to think about promoting your small business through trade shows. Getting a used trade fair booth would be an answer to the problem and there are also many advantages of doing so. By purchasing a used trade fair booth, you would definitely be saving some money. No matter how big or small your budget is you can get a great bargain. Another reason is that the money you will be saving here can be used for other purpose as well such as on promotional items. It is true that people at trade shows do look for free stuff and the more money you put in your promotional items, the better it will be for your business.

Displaying the Positives of Your Company With Promotional Mailers

Is your company searching for the next great promotional product? Then you have come to the end of your search, as promotional mailers and shipping products will be what you need to do marketing for your business along with even more. Using promotional mailers gives a finished, professional look for all of your mailing items, and shows that you take your business seriously. When a person receives a package they are going to review that packaging to make sure their product arrived safely. Next they will be checking out the return address to see who sent the package. Using imprinted envelopes really helps to establish your business and make an impression on your customers, but even more than that they advertise to everyone who comes in contact with that mailing envelope.

Direct Mail Basics

What is Direct Mail? Direct mail is a form of advertising that involves mailing printed ads, letters, postcards, flyers, catalogs, coupons, samples, etc., to consumers. It can be used to advertise new products or services and to promote specials and sales. It can be an incredibly powerful lead generation tool. Benefits of Direct Mail Direct mail offers a variety of benefits. It's targeted-it focuses on a smaller group than many other advertising options. It can also be personalized, using variable data printing to include the receiver's name, recent product purchase, individualized recommendations based on past purchases, and other data to make the piece more relevant.

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