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World Cinema Classics - The Elephant Man 1980

Director: David Lynch Cast: Anthony Hopkins, John Hurt, Anne Bancroft Plot : John Merrick (Joseph Merrick actual name), a severely deformed man, earns his livelihood by working in London freak show. Based on true life story of Joseph Merrick, The Elephant man is a another classic Lynch. Beauty of the movie lies in its Black & White filming which gels so well with the 19th century England, even though it is made in 1980. It is still not clear what was the disease John suffered from, if it was a disease at all and not plain deformity. The movie has been adopted from the novel by the same name by Frederick Treves- the surgeon in the movie played by Anthony Hopkins.

Hockey Miracle

All of us wish to, someday, do something extraordinary and give hope back to someone that lost it. A team of college hockey players accomplish just that during the Olympics in Lake Placid. During this time the Soviet Union dominates the game of hockey. Also the cold war rages on and to many Americans the hockey game represents the outcome of the war. In Gavin O'Connor's film, Miracle, the 1980 United States hockey team does the seemingly impossible; in turn, they unite the nation with a new feeling of hope. The first step in obtaining the gold metal, in the Olympics, is picking a team that works as one and gets to know each other. If they want to have any chance of getting to their goal, the team has to out play the mighty Soviet Union.

9 Entertaining Episodes To Watch From Dora The Explorer Season 5

Dora The Explorer is an animated television series that airs on Nickelodeon since 2000. If you are a Dora fan, here are 9 episodes to enjoy from Dora The Explorer Season 5 which aired between 2008 and 2010. In the episode titled "Abracadabra! ", Bid Red Chicken prepares his magic show with the help of Dora. In the episode called "Benny's Treasure", Backpack and Map are going to end up at the junkyard but luckily Dora, Boots and Benny are there to rescue them. In the episode named "The Super Babies Dream Adventure", Dora and Boots enjoy a travel to the Dream Castle while the Super Babies have a nap. In the episode titled "Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle", Dora and Boots rescue a special wand that grants wishes for the Birthday Wizzle.

Battle Los Angeles: Popcorn, Candy and Soda Pop Lovers Have to Get Out to View This One!

I can not imagine any flick made today that is more thought provoking, than the just about to be released movie: Battle Los Angeles. In a place where more out of control fights have already been waged, that are most often reported in a single day than even the most reputed Ripley's would have a very hard to accurately tabulate. I wonder how long the lines will be wrapped around theaters in order for baited breath viewers to finally be able to enter? This film will draw the young and the old alike in droves to watch in either utter amazement or unfeigned horror. Monsters from that Outer Limits outer space may not be about to attack earth as we might want to suppose, but what doesn't want us to go to personally check out this movie, will only by sheered word of mouth which is about to historically drive even more mouth watering cinematicphiles to themselves observe it, and to publically do so.

'Vampires Suck' Movie Delivered Pretty Good Laughs

20th Century Fox distributed their spoof/comedy motion picture entitled "Vampires Suck" into theaters a while back. I just watched, and I think overall, it was kind of hilarious. Some of the jokes were lame, so I can see how the top movie critics gave it some pretty poor reviews. At the same time, it wasn't 100% bad considering that it did deliver some pretty comical spoofs for the "Twilight Saga" films. It features: Matt Lanter, Emily Brobst, Jenn Proske, Chris Riggi, Krystal Mayo, Crista Flanagan, Ken Jeong, Arielle Kebbel, and Devon Kelly. "Vampires Suck" focused on character Becca, who was a spoof on the Twilight Saga Bella character. She at some point meets Jacob, then Edward, but his name is Edward Sullen instead of Cullen.

How to Be a Model

So you want to be a model? That's great news but being tall, gorgeous and thin is not enough. There are several things you will have to encounter. Making a living as a fashion model is not a piece of cake. I'm not trying to freak you out, but you will have to start early and be focused. Modeling is just a career you can make it big for a short period of time. The moment gravity starts taking its toll you are then out of the business. Hat implies you have to do all you can within the short time you have in the modeling industry as it is in fact not a life long career. Keep reading the following strategies that will help in making your I want to be a model' dream come true.

How to Enroll Your Baby Into Modeling

There are some children that are generally attractive in both behaviors and appearance. Perhaps you have met a friend and even strangers and told you that your baby should be a model. Probably there are chances that the child can really be a model. You better reconsider on the chances that your child has on becoming the next supermodel in the baby contests. There are several companies that hold contests in search of baby models especially for cosmetics and outfit. The following are some tips on how you can get your child in baby modeling career. Thee first stage is looking for representation. There are numerous agencies dealing with representation of your baby.

I Want to Be a Famous Model

The modeling industry appears lucrative and attractive to many people. The fame and money lures people from different parts of the globe. 'I want to be a famous model like my icon' statement is easily said than done. There is a great misconception among people that modeling and success that comes with it is easily got. Nonetheless, the profession happens to be a hard nut to crack than you can even imagine. Models who fail to be adequately motivated fail in establishing in the profession since it has a lot off drawbacks that makes them pull back easily. 'I want to be a model despite the what' attitude is the right mentality to make it to the red carpet. There are a number of precautions that the model must conform to before they are accepted in the agency.

I Want to Be a Female Model: Is It Possible?

Female models are widely popular in the fashion industry. Many girls dream of one day becoming models since the profession is attributed with a lot of advantages. Some models receive high hourly wages while others are paid some meager earnings. It generally depends on several factors; therefore you cannot be guaranteed of hefty earnings automatically. However, if your 'I want to be a model' ego is all based on the materialistic part of the industry, then this could be a beginning foot. It is important for anyone with 'I want to be a female model' mentality to understand that landing jobs is sometimes difficult. Clients are ever looking for certain kinds of models;

Drive Angry: To Hell and Back

Drive Angry is virtually a 3-D description of hell, with comedic elements. I could end there. From blood, guts, graphic sex and violence to cult sacrifices - this film will make you say "oh my God" and you will mean it! Milton (Nicolas Cage) has somehow broken out of Hell. He does this to save his granddaughter. His granddaughter is about to be sacrificed to a cult. While Milton races to save her, he is being pursued by an operative of Satan. This operative goes by the title 'The Accountant' and he is bent on bringing Milton back into Hell. This is not the first time terrifying descriptions of hell have driven people to yell out 'oh my God' and mean it.

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