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Friendly Competition in Business

If you work for someone you should always be cordial and network with the competition. For one thing if your job is no more than you have potential employers in the offing. Besides you never know what you might learn. Even if you are the owner of a company you may need assistance or help with an item or project so it's always good to have rapport with competing companies but, for me, I opt for friendly competition as best. For years, until I switched industries, I never had a resume. If I found myself in the position of needing a new job I'd do some networking and shortly after got another job. Now I've started my own company so I am networking for business and for camaraderie but wasn't aware of any company offering was what I was doing until recently.

Getting Started on LinkedIn - First Steps

You have made the decision to join this fast moving, growing professional networking group and we are going to cover the basic steps you need to complete to get a profile up and running. At this early stage we are going to prime your profile for success, recognizing that we need to swiftly build on this to get true traction. Preparation - Before you begin creating a LinkedIn profile you need to have: A Professional Headline. This is the first thing that anyone will read after your name and it is important that it sends the right message. It is part of your brand. A digital picture, head and shoulders and not inappropriate for a business networking site. You can leave this item till later if you wish.

Ten Tips For More Effective Networking

Whether you are a business owner or a job seeker you have probably been told to network. Networking is often an important part of a marketing plan. Frequently people resist networking because it seems overwhelming and they are not sure how to do it. Others try it once with little success and decide that it is not worth the effort. Networking is one way to start to build relationships with people who can help you. Building relationships takes time. Going to a networking meeting is just the first step. Here are some tips to make going to a networking event easier and more productive. 1. Decide on the networking groups that make sense for you. Does the group attract your potential customers?

MingleSticks Are the New Digital Business Card

Minglesticks are the new innovative alternative to boring paper business cards. MingleSticks do away with the need to carry hundreds of your own business cards. MingleSticks do away with the need to swap business cards and carry around lots of other people details. MingleSticks do away with the need to try to remember who's business card belonged to which face, and what conversation was it you had with them? Instead, Minglesticks allow you to simply carry around a small key fob type device that utilises a one push of a button way to connect with others. As you meet another business person, you simply both press the button on your own devices (Mingle) and coding is swapped between the two MingleSticks and upon downloading all your contacts made in that meeting, you then have easy access to those peoples contact details.

Elevator Speech Tips - Should I Lead With My Experience?

An elevator speech is primarily a tool to gain the attention of a great client or prospect. One of the commonly asked questions in relation to an elevator speech revolves around your experience in your chosen business and it sounds something like: "My experience is a selling point - after all, I am an expert and I want people to know that" or: "In these recessionary times, I think clients want to know we've been around a long time so they are confident we will be there tomorrow" First of all, these are entirely valid points. However, your elevator speech is not the time to major on that experience. Why not? 1. Your audience doesn't care - they really don't.

How to Network Effectively With the Right Manner?

Knowing how to behave appropriately can increase your confidence. In your effort on networking, there are many opportunities to improve your networking skills. In this article, I will share some suggestions on how you can network with the right manner in different occasions. When you know what the best practices are, you can have a peace of mind that you know how to conduct yourself. When you are in a meeting, you shake hands with both men and women. When it is your turn to introduce yourself, keep it brief: tell them your name, how you fit into the situation and how is your presence related to everyone. In your introduction you should focus on how you can help others.

Networking For Career Success - How to Prioritize Your Network Contacts

As soon as you start collecting names for your network list and you have done some preliminary evaluation, the next step is to prioritize your contacts. In other words, you want to learn more about these people - find out what you and they can offer each other and why. For each person in your list, you will make a personal profile, containing some basic data about that person. This profile should include contact information and details about his or her professional and personal life. Think about if you are writing a self-portrait, whatever you might write about yourself, that is what you want to put in each personal profile. Look at your contact list and you can sort it out based on the significance.

Network For Career Success - Find Opportunities

In this article, I will discuss about many opportunities for networking and what you should do to turn each opportunity into the goldmine. Planes and trains are very good places to practice networking. You can carry a book with you and have it visible. It indicates that you are not expecting someone to entertain you. It also gives you a way to end a conversation if you like. When you sit down in the seat, have a smile and greet to the person next to you. You can start a conversation by asking about where they are going. Show your respect to them if they need personal space. And also try to understand what they want through their body language. When you are at conferences and trade shows, for example, you reflect your company's image at all times and in all places.

Network For Career Success - How to Use Your Network Tools Effectively

In this article, I will talk about some basic networking tools that you can use all the times. The more you prepare, the better your networking will be. Do you have business cards? That is essential for your networking success. The design of your business cards should be clear and crisp, with enough white space and the text in a readable font of at least 10 points. If you want to use the reverse side to explain what you do, leave enough space for a few lines of notes. Make sure that the information on your cards is complete, current, and correct. You can also create a second card, like a miniature brochure that tells about what you do or offers some tips.

Network For Career Success - Control Your Body Language

Most people know that when we speak in person, we communicate in three ways: words, voice, and body language. Do you realize that about 55 percent of our communication is through body language, and only 38 percent comes through our voice and 7 percent is conveyed in our words? So our body language really affects how we communicate with others. This is why it is important to be attentive to your body when you talk to someone. For example, you should allow at least 18 inches of personal space around every person with whom you speak. Always smile. Maintain good eye contact without staring. Keep your hands out of your pockets. Do not cross your arms? That is an unfriendly signal.

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