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The Health Benefits of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid

When asking people which food groups they should try to avoid, many will more than likely answer with "fats." And while it may be true that, if consumed in large amounts, certain kinds of fat really are bad for you, and that's not even mentioning your belt-line, there are a few that we simply cannot live without. Among those will be the omega three fatty acids that are found in certain foods such as walnuts, fruits as well as vegetables, coldwater fish like the herring, sturgeon, mackerel, and anchovies.

Omega 3's not only play an important role to the health of the membrane in every single cell of our body, additionally it helps shield us away from a certain amount of major health threats. So the highlights of these fatty acids include minimizing the risks of heart diseases and strokes while helping a lot to miinimize the symptoms of joint pain, depression, hypertension, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and various rheumatoid problems, not to mention specific skin ailments. And some research even has shown us that omega-3s will boost up your immune system to help shield us away from a vast array of sicknesses that include Alzheimer's disease.

But just how does omega-3 fatty acids perform so much health "miracles" within people? A particular way, Some experts claim, is simply by encouraging production of certain body chemicals which help to control inflammations; in our joints, our bloodstream, as well as our tissues.

Even as important though are the acids' ability to minimize any negative impacts of another needed kind of acid known popularly as omega-6. This is found in edibles like poultry, eggs, cereals, baked goods, vegetable oils, and margarine. These types omega-6s also are thought of to be essential. They boost up your skin health, they lower your cholesterol, and they help get our blood "bondable" so that it's easy to clot. Now when omega-6s are not balanced together with the right levels of omega-3 fatty acids, then problems can arise.

And this is mainly because when blood get's too 'sticky,' then it promotes more clot formation, therefore increasing the chances of heart attacks and strokes. Though once you bring omega-3s into the mix, then the risk of more heart problems decreases.

The most recent research shows us that some of the more promising health benefits of needed fatty acids simply are achieved because of a proper balance that occurs when omega-3s as well as omega-6s are mixed together. The ratio that you want to aim for, medical experts say, would be roughly four parts of Omega-3s per one part of omega-6s. And the majority of us, experts say, fall dangerously short of our goal.

The average American's diet will have a ratio usually around twenty to one: twenty omega-6's for every one omega-3. So simply put, a lot of us are in trouble. So while minimizing your consumption of omega-6 acids can somewhat help, receiving more omega-3 acids from your food would be an even healthier way to go.


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