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A Quick Note on Healthy Snack Foods

It's important that for healthy snack foods you don't choose something like cookies or hot dogs. A lot of Americans and Canadians do that. Look how fat most of us are. Not a good choice.

Vegetables and fruits are an obvious choice. But like Sandy said in her last article, your gonna need some fats to absorb the nutrients in the veggies. So this is what I do.

I take my blender and grind up some veggies, fruits, and flax seed. There's fats in flax. Omega-3s to be more specific. I don't know what this type of fat does, but I'm told it's good. Sandy'll explain it in her next article.

Ok so after the flax seed, I grind it all up, and slowly chug it down. About 500mls of unbridled health drink.

Then after that, I'll eat a little bit of plain yogurt to help my stomach absorb those nutrients.

Another good choice is to eat some poop. Come on people. There's nutrients in there. Ha, no really though...

I like to have a bowl of cereal for a healthy snack foods. Not the sugar filled type cereals. You know which ones I'm talking about. But the oats and grains type cereals. Put in some fruit, and skim milk and you got yourself some healthy snack foods. Delicious.

Take into consideration what you are eating healthy for. If it's to get cut, then eat a little less of those snacks. If it's for your general health then keep them at a regular serving size.


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