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The 21st Century Diet Includes Healthy Natural Fats

Americans are always looking for the miracle diet. Society places a lot of pressure on people to be thin, but the most common foods that are easily available without any preparation required are terribly unhealthy. Millions of Americans continue to gain weight each year because they eat fast foods that are fried, full of unhealthy preservatives or chemical additives, and that often contain saturated or trans fats. Even people who avoid big fast food chains often eat frozen, boxed or canned meals from the grocery store, and each of those types of meals is also incredibly unhealthy. Often, American shoppers look at the number of calories and grams of fat when they decide which foods to buy, but in reality, neither of those factors are the most important health considerations. Instead of focusing on how much fat they are consuming, Americans should spend more time focusing on what kind they are consuming, and what many people don't realize is that high concentrations of Omega 3 oils, which are high in fat, are incredibly healthy for you.

Unfortunately, many Americans think that nearly all fats are unhealthy for them. So people avoid eating fats at all costs. Americans try to shop for low fat foods, which are often full of unhealthy preservatives and excessive levels of salt. The reality is that if a food sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Instead of consuming a lot of prepared frozen meals, people should try to cook a little bit on their own. It's incredibly simply to boil or bake a few vegetables and to prepare some delicious meat to go along with them. Seafood is one of the healthiest ways to consume protein and it contains high concentrations of Omega 3 oils. Those oils have been proven to be cancer fighting agents that can help protect consumers against dangerous diseases. While it's important for Americans to watch their weight, it's also really important for them to do that in a responsible manner. Instead of avoiding all fats, Americans should try to develop healthy eating habits by preparing some of the food they eat and trying to look for ways to consume high concentrations of Omega 3 oils.


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