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Sick and Tired of How You Feel? Look Closer at What You Eat!

Most of us know we really need to eat a healthier diet, and if you make the meals at your house you probably want to make sure your family eats right too, but come on now? We are all really, really busy. It's so hard to get everything done and make sure things run smoothly. Who has time to plan out all the meals to make sure it includes a lot of vegetables? Anyway, what's wrong with cheeseburgers, french fries, soda, tacos and frozen dinners?

You might as well be eating artificially flavored cardboard, that's what! Much of the food created by the food industry giants of the world today is garbage... chemically loaded, fake flavored, salt and sugar packed garbage. Does the food you eat make you feel good and give you energy? Or do you feel sluggish and still hungry a short time after eating? If you eat a diet of mostly fast food and processed food, you are probably hungry, bloated and tired and not feeling all that great. That's because there is very little nutrition and lots of harmful and addictive chemicals in that kind of food. If you eat garbage, you're going to feel like garbage!

So how did we get to this point? When did we become convinced that it's okay to eat fake food (a.k.a. garbage) because it's fast and convenient? How long can our bodies function properly running on extremely poor quality fuel with no nutrients?

Look around you. Almost everyone has health problems these days. Obesity continues to increase. Many people have very weak immune systems, leaving them susceptible to everything from the flu to cancer. Many doctors are far too willing to prescribe drugs for whatever is ailing you and those drugs have many bad side effects for which the doctor will prescribe another drug. Soon you can be on a number of prescriptions, many of which WEAKEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! Our immune system is our body's best asset! Does it make sense to get into a downward spiral like that? What can be done to prevent us from becoming unhealthy in the first place?

You have to eat lots of nutritious food. If your food is nutritious you won't be hungry all the time, you will have more energy, you won't feel bloated and miserable and you will begin to develop a stronger immune system so you won't get sick as easily.


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