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Time To Get In Gear With Your Eating Plan

The two key components of being physically fit is to exercise more and to eat better (in most cases, to eat less). Diet usually is associated with restrictions and doing less. A better word might be eating plan. Everyone has to eat. Thus, if we do not diet, we should consider having a proper eating plan to become more physically fit this year. Naturally, you should consult with your primary care professional (e.g. doctor) in order to ensure that your eating plan is proper for you.

Eating is everything that you eat (solids) and drink (liquids). Maybe even more so than exercise, you want to have a good eating plan. If you want to lose weight or become more physically fit, you need to have an eating plan. Here are some tips and thoughts on how to maximize your eating plan:

* It is often best to exercise with an empty stomach. Your body will focus on your physical fitness rather than on digesting. Digestion takes a lot of time and energy.

* Every now and then, you should try replacing a meal (lunch or breakfast) with a protein shake. This will give your digestive system a much needed rest.

* Gatherings such as birthdays will have lots of food. You should plan your eating there by eating less prior to that gathering. Then, you can eat less afterwards to give your body time to thoroughly digest.

* Eat more vegetables especially leafy green-type into your eating plan.

* Eat more lean protein than empty snacks such as candy and other sweets.

* Eat more fiber to make you feel more full and to cleanse your system.

* Drink adequate amounts of water (about 8 glasses a day or more on hotter days) since your body is made up of mostly water. Water will cleanse and nourish your body.

* You should have a specific place to eat such as kitchen counters or tables. Eating in front of the television will distract you enough that you eat more than you should.

* When you eat, you should give your brain and body at least 5 to 10 minutes to register what you are eating. If you just keep eating, you will feel full way after you are physically full.

* Practice the lost art of restraint in your eating plan by pausing between bites. Put your fork down between bites to "synchronize" your pauses.

* As Benjamin Franklin would say, "Eat to live not live to eat". Eating should not be a hobby (or job). You want to enjoy your food and drink by not indulging excessively on them.


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