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Live a Life of Abundant Energy, Health and Purpose Through Correct Nutrition

I would like to share a message with you that I am most passionate about. Something that in today's hectic and stressed world is all too often brushed under the carpet in exchange for prioritising career, credit cards, bills, television or other daily occurrences which although might be important, are less than nothing without health, energy and prevention of disease. This message is that of doing all we can to create a healthy body, which in turn will lead to a healthy mind, healthy spirit and once this is achieved, I believe that anything you decide to do or be with your life is possible.

"A healthy man has a thousand wishes; a sick man has just one." - Ancient Chinese Proverb.

To share this message in complete clarity, I first want to start with the wonders of the human body, the one thing that allows us to experience the world in which we live upon. In simplistic terms, our body is our servant humbly working for us twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, for an entire lifetime. Sitting now perhaps take a moment to close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, feel your heart beating in your chest, take a deep breath in through your nose and then exhale. Become conscious of the thousands if not millions of perfect chemical changes, processes and energy that is within your body right now.

Know that your heart is beating sixty to seventy beats per minute for you and will never take a second off from doing this, even as you sleep, your heart will continue to pump nutrients, oxygen around your body to deliver to every cell, every organ within you. Even right now as you read these words, your digestive system is creating enzymes, digestive fluid and before the day is even out you will have created over ten litres of digestive fluid to keep you absorbing the nutrients you eat on a daily basis. Note that if you become sick, you have a self defence system that is commonly referred to as the immune system which is capable of creating two hundred thousand new immune cells every minute to fight off infection. In fact, every seven years give or take; you literally have replaced every cell in your body. We truly are an incredible species and unselfishly your body will do everything that it can to keep you alive and well for a lifetime.

The challenge in this is that health is the most needed thing on this earth, yet, it is also the least appreciated. The pressure of the media promoting a perspective of the perfect body, the quick fix diets on offer and the information overload of what is right and what is wrong has desensitised most of us to really understand what is required to be healthy. Unfortunately, as we live this bright lights but emotionless state, we do anything that will quickly numb the pain of stepping up and changing the way our health is, from addictions, crash diets to miracle pills, our health is paying the price on numerous levels and you do not even need to leave your street to see the symptoms of this toxic society. Obesity, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, PVFS, childhood signs of heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis are all modern day conditions that with a simple creation of consciousness to what is in our food, what decision we make when it comes to our health, could be drastically minimised and perhaps even if we really grabbed hold of this, eliminated.

It appears though that the knowledge to do the right thing is there in abundance, there are more holistic specialists than ever before and this is a good thing. Yet, even though for example in the state of Texas alone there are concerns that by the year 2020 one in two babies will be born with diabetes, it is clear people are not in enough pain to change on a global scale. In time and I am not sure how long, the bubble will burst and people will either drastically change their eating habits or fall apart (literally,) from the lack of nutrients and toxicity from what they are consuming. Right now, I would just like to be one of those holistic specialists who can get the message out there on some level; perhaps it will be on a small scale, perhaps a large scale, let's just wait and see.

My reason for this passion in nutrition for optimal health on every level is not from a negative health experience from myself, quite the opposite actually, I have always enjoyed learning about what our food contains or doesn't contain for that matter and I have seen the benefits personally of eating right, but also as a wellness specialist, seen people whose lives have been so dramatically affected because of poor nutrition and nutrient deficiency. Getting to the point here I need to ask a question "do you believe our food has the required vitamins and minerals needed for each of us to live a healthy lifestyle?" I would imagine your answer would be "no." With this, let's start to understand that our body is responsive and already we know that it is an amazing machine that can help us live an amazing life. However, just like your car, if you are to place diesel in an engine that is unleaded, will it run sufficiently? Will you get from A to B? Absolutely not.

To achieve good health, we need a range of fuels that all have different functions on a cellular level. For example, vitamins C, and also B complexes are water soluble vitamins that we really need every day, combined with various other vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc. This list of course is far longer and unique to each person pending on what they are missing, lacking in their current diet or lifestyle but just the knowing that more of the good stuff makes the difference is important. I am a firm believer that correct education of what can be done to improve wellness and to make the body healthy is really what is needed. If people can understand that illnesses, ailments and any almost any concern with the body is simply a lack of nutrients or too much toxicity then we can start to move away from the "I need to stop eating for 3 days to lose weight," type mindset.

Let's look at this in greater detail and as we have already covered in some detail nutrient deficiency, let us take a look at toxicity and its affects. The farming industry and the supermarket industry have been trying to keep up with demand for a long time now and unfortunately because we are a very demanding species, many shortcuts and cost cutting processes have been put into place. I will not voice my other opinions on the farming or supermarket industry right now, however, keeping this straight forward, in order to keep up with this demand, these processes have results in many chemicals being sprayed on crops, being added to livestock diets and put into our food overall. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are designed to kill living organisms so the food does not rot by the time of purchase but thinking about this, are we not living organisms too? Even though we are far larger than that of a small parasite, eating food coated in these chemicals will accumulate to creating an acidic body in the end. Also, what about growth hormone especially in animal proteins, additives, even chlorine, aspartame, preservatives all present in so many of our foods. We are an organic species and life creates life, unfortunately, with many of these chemicals, our body can simply not keep up and the result is the toxicity that started on the outside ends up on the inside of our body.

Let's flip this on its head for a moment though. Without asking someone to move up to the mountains and live from a fresh stream for the rest of their lives, what if they were able to reduce the chemicals they were putting into their body on a daily basis through better selection of food and diet? How about if they were aware that proper supplementation of correct vitamins and minerals are essential especially if our food lacks the nutrients required for good health? Finally, what about if that person was able to alkalise their diet over a period of time to detox the chemical damage that has previously built up in their liver, adipose tissue and cells in the body? Would that person feel healthier? Would they reduce ailments such as allergies, obesity and stress?

Again, think about your dream car, everything you ever wanted in this vehicle, giving that car the best quality fuel and every few months lifting up the bonnet to ensure it gets the proper maintenance are all essential to know you can drive that car everyday with pride and happiness. Well, our body works exactly the same. Our digestive system which contains literally millions of digestive enzymes, our small intestine which has the great responsibility of absorbing nutrients into the blood and the liver, our colon which is the final call for waste products before being passed out of the system can all be effected positively if we understand what food is real food and what is anti-food that will simply destroy our system even if it takes many years.

Beyond this we have an entire network of systems, organs and processes all constantly giving us life to keep us healthy for the rest of our lives. If we are unconscious to this and we continue to not give our body the macronutrients, the micronutrients that it so requires, ailments and disease are sure to follow. Finally here is the beauty of it all. It doesn't need to be impossible; you don't have to have a degree to understand perfect nutrition for your body. In today's world we can do the research through the power of the internet, we can see a holistic specialist to figure out where our health is currently, perhaps through kinesiology, iridology or other natural non invasive methods, from there the correct nutrition can be advised to you.

All in all though, the choice in completely in your hands. You can choose a life abundant in well-being and energy through some exercise, cleansing your body on the inside, proper hydration as every cell in your body needs water to function correctly and a diet that is rich in nutrients not a starvation process put together by some celebrity marketing stunt. You can be as healthy as you choose to be. If reading this has inspired you on any level I simply ask you at minimum to become aware of listening to uncomplicated and wonderful signs that your body gives you every second of everyday. Perhaps that itching of your finger shows that a certain food does not give your body the best that it deserves, maybe you sneeze without even realising this could be a food lacking in nutrients, or even just the feeling of abundance around certain fruits and vegetables is enough to help you to realise that there are many options on the road to optimal energy and health that once achieved, who knows what else you might find purpose in within your life. It's a very exciting journey and path to choose to take.

Pete Scott


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