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Nutrition and Herbal Supplements Are Your Best Insurance in a Time of Uncertain Health Care

With the changes in healthcare in the United States, everyone is worried about whether they will receive adequate care for their health needs. They should be worried, because the health care system in the United States is broken. Actually, it has been broken for quite some time. Even with the billions spent every year on drugs and surgery, the United States is still one of the sickest countries in the modern world. This has been documented by the World Health Organization.

The staggering costs of our medical care system has caused the government "takeover" of health care. There are drastic changes and this generates worry about the scary prospect of getting sick and not getting adequate care. This best way to handle this unsure scene is to prevent your getting sick so this doesn't become a problem.

The best method to prevent getting sick is with a customized nutrition and herbal supplementation program. This can give your body the specific nutrients it needs to repair organs and tissues weakened from the stresses of life, and keep the immune system strong to fight off infection and cancer.

The most clinically effective and cost-effective method I have found is with the use of Nutrition Response Therapy (NRT), a technique which detects the exact organs in the body that need nutrition and reveals the specific nutrients the organs need to repair and strengthen so they can function normally to keep the body healthy. Not just disease-free, but vibrantly healthy and full of energy.

Nutritional deficiency can manifest as many conditions, including chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, chronic infections, and weight gain to name a few.

Medications have their place in the control of symptoms once the body is sick, but do not strengthen the body, and are potentially toxic and can actually harm the body. Surgery, by its very nature, is invasive and always leaves residual tissue damage.

Prevention of sickness with customized nutrition and herbs using Nutrition Response Therapy to target specific weaknesses in the body is the key to the health crisis, keeping our bodies functioning optimally. If this were used as the primary mode to health, it would keep health care costs down while making the population much healthier and happier.


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