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The Many Health Benefits From Going On A Raw Food Diet

Americans have trouble losing weight. There's a new kind of diet, the raw food diet, that could help you lose weight today, that you may have heard of. TCM or traditional Chinese medicine is not a fan of that diet, to say the least, because of the way that it could affect the body. Long-term intake of raw food can seriously damage your stomach.

The problem with fried, greasy foods is that it increases the temperature inside your stomach. This leads to faster digestion and while digestion is generally good, in this case it has the side effect of making you hungrier faster because you've just emptied out your stomach. This leads to overeating and thus, weight gain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine on the other hand looks at weight gain as a function of the spleen. This is because they consider that the spleen is responsible for digestion.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the body separates the food that you eat. Qi and liquid essences go straight into your spleen, where the spleen then does its work. The turbid aspect of the food you eat goes into your bladder and naturally, your large intestine, to be removed.

Eating too much yang or hot foods can thus lead to the spleen being overworked and in fact malfunctioning. When the spleen cannot handle the amount of fluid and qi taken in, it will lead to excess dampness and energy build up, which turns into fat.

To balance out all the yang, yin or cold food must be eaten as well. It does the opposite of the hot food in that it makes the stomach cooler and thus, slows down your digestion. This keeps you from getting too hungry too quickly and gives your spleen time to work through everything you've eaten, which leads to better overall health.

The process itself can take a while. Eating a balance of yin and yang will lead to weight loss.

Don't forget to normalize your diet once you lose enough weight. If you keep up the raw food diet when you don't need to, you may create a different kind of imbalance.


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