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Three Kinds of Vegetables Make You Healthier

This passage will introduce three kinds of vegetables, which not only have high nutritional value, but also have many medicinal functions on human body. As a result, you can eat more of these vegetables in daily diet, which can help you slow down the aging process, beatify the skin, prevent cancer, etc., so as to make you healthy and enjoy a long life.

First, carrot
The most valuable nutrient in carrot is carotene. After carotene is absorbed by the body, it can be converted into vitamin A, so carotene is also called as "provitamin A". Often eating carrot has many benefits on human body. First of all, it can strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer and other diseases. If the human body lacks of vitamin A, it will not only affect the health of the eyes and skin, but may also weaken the immunity, and make people easily suffer from respiratory and urinary system diseases. What's more, carrot contains a lot of lignin, which also has the effect of enhancing the resistant ability of the body, and can reduce and prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Second, pumpkin
Why is pumpkin so popular in modern diet? There are three main reasons. Firstly, pumpkin is sweet and has a delicious taste. Secondly, pumpkin is extremely rich in vitamin A, which not only can strengthen the mucous membranes, prevent colds and rough skin, but also can prevent corneal dryness, night blindness, and so on. Thirdly, modern medical science has found out that, pumpkin contains various kinds of trace elements, such as cobalt, zinc and copper, which can promote the normal secretion of insulin in the body, so it can effectively prevent and treat diabetes, high blood pressure and some liver and kidney diseases. In addition, it can also enhance the anti-anemia and anti-cancer ability, reduce the risk of colon cancer, as well as prevent and treat atherosclerosis.

Third, bitter gourd
Bitter gourd contains a large number of vitamin C, vitamin B1, galacturonic acid, pectin, and so on. These nutrients can improve the appetite, promote the blood circulation, diminish the inflammation, refresh the spirit, and so on. Modern scientific research has found that, the polypeptide substance contained in bitter gourd is a kind of insulin, which has the effect of decreasing the blood sugar. U.S. scientists also have found that, bitter gourd contains a kind of protein lipid, which can play an anti-cancer effect together with the alkaloid quinine in the body.


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