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Achieving Optimal Health: Drink a Green Drink Daily

The green drink trend is moving across the nation and many individuals are taking up the green drink challenge. This challenge is for individuals who have never tried the healthy benefits of green smoothies, fruit smoothies and green drinks, all made with blends of fruits and vegetables. The health benefits from drinking green drinks daily are evident in the decreased digestive problems green smoothie enthusiasts have.

These daily green drink enthusiasts also have lower weight, more energy and are less bothered by autoimmune system diseases and infectious diseases. Daily green smoothies, especially when fortified with healthy eating and moderate exercise, can lower blood pressure and prevent the build up of bad cholesterol levels, which can lead to heart diseases and strokes. They also keep the blood rich in antioxidants that lower the risk of blood clots that lead to those strokes.

Green drinks are high in nutritional value and can be easily catered to the taste buds by adjusting the amount of vegetable ratio to the fruit ratio in the drink. Individuals may need to try several different nutritional combination's of fruits and vegetables, in order to get the right combination that works for them. For the individual that cares little for kale, which can have a strong taste, they can use broccoli, celery or substitute lettuce to add to their green drinks.

Besides the high nutritional values of these fruits and vegetables lend to green drinks, they also include many other beneficial elements. Fruits and vegetables blended into a drink daily will reduce cravings for sugary sweets and add optimal fiber in the diet. Daily green smoothies can help an individual to lose or maintain their ideal weight, according to their bone structure and height.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best for making green smoothies, although frozen vegetables are still considered to be as nutritionally packed. Frozen fruits and vegetables can be used if they have been stored properly, and will still supply the body with the essential vitamins and minerals needed for the upkeep of a healthy lifestyle.

Eating fruits and vegetables are still recommended for the fibrous content they provide, but daily green smoothies are healthy vegetable and fruit juice blends that instantaneous release their healthy benefits directly into the digestive system and blood stream. This allows the optimal absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Green vegetables lend richness in chlorophyll and beta-carotene, which benefits the cells and tissue in the skin, hair and eyes.

Additional benefits is that daily green drinks also contain omega3 fatty acids, which aid in the digestive system as a detoxification drink and increase the defense of the immune system against infectious diseases. Studies have shown that individuals who are devoted to drinking daily green smoothies lose weight easier and keep their weight down. Being that they are naturally raw vegetables that are juiced, they contain anti-aging properties with their detoxification of the body. This detoxification helps to flush toxins from the body and keep the individual who drinks green drinks daily a healthier.


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