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3 Foods That Make You Fat

Once upon a time doctors believed that weight depending only on calories eaten and energy expended, in order words how much you ate and how much activity or exercise you did. However the human body is far more complex than that we now know and some foods tend to pack on the fat. This is not only because of the calories but other more complex reasons such as what sort of chemical and hormonal responses they cause in the body. Some foods just tend to make you fat. Here are 3 of them.

1) Most white, meaning bleached, grains. This includes white rice, white flour and white bread, as well as white pasta. These are easily replaced by their whole grain equivalents. I must admit I had to try several whole grain pastas before I found one that I loved, but there are great ones out there.

2) Sugar! Sugar in all forms, including fructose which basically means fruit, packs on weight. You do not need to totally avoid sugar, but certainly should limit it. Fruit is controversial, but honestly for most of us our bodies are not accustomed to having fresh oranges and other fruits available 12 months a year. Fresh fruit may indicate that winter is coming and calories should be stored in fat for the coming cold months when less food is available.

3) Fake sugars, despite what many say, tend to pack on weight. The body sees it as sugars, and some studies show that those who consume much fake sugar are much heavier. I limit these to about a diet soda a day.

Cutting down on these three may be just enough to slowly ease some weight off so that in a few months you are noticeably trimmer, without much effort on your behalf!


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