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The Repercussions of Too Much Sugar

There are numerous fans of sweet treats and almost everyone like sugar. A research has been carried out about the heart diseases and it is known that the people who love to use excessive sugar in their meals are suffered the most.

The increases concentration of triglycerides is found in the heart patients and this can be attributed to the use of sugar. The other things like good cholesterol, HDL, and lipoproteins show the declining trend.

Most of the adults get their calories from the sugar intake. This is said on the basis of a survey conducted on 600 adults after categorizing them according to cholesterol level and the intake of sugar.
46 sugar teaspoons utilization daily is an alarming situation whereas about 3 sugar teaspoons per day is the least intake recorded as a result of survey.

About six to nine teaspoons intake of sugar is recommended for women and men respectively. This amount includes all sugar forms in it. It may be additive or natural sugar or both.

Researchers are pretty confident that the new research will persuade the food and beverage companies to reduce the sugar content in their products. This will be helpful in lowering the number of heart patients. There are various taxes already imposed on these companies to bind the sugar usage. The beverage companies are facing higher taxes to depress fatness and heart diseases.

The utilization of beverages increasing now a day and this can be controlled by adding sales tax to these soft drinks. The expenditure can be narrowed from 50 gallons per year to about 40 gallons per year.

High intakes of sugar are responsible for many heart diseases and lead to obesity. Other major diseases include diabetes, heart stroke and high blood pressure. The use of sugar has many ad effects on the health. Therefore, you should avoid the use of sugar in excessive quantity.


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