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Why Cod Liver Fish Oil Is Different

If you are keen about taking health supplements to improve your overall health and quality of life, then you surely have heard of the many benefits of this. However, aside from this, there have been a few other supplements out in the market, one of which is cod liver oil.

Just like this, the health benefits of oil extracted from cod liver has been investigated for many years now. It has been recommended by doctors and health experts because of the therapeutic benefits they provide. Cod liver oil is similar to fish oil in the sense that they both contain omega-3 fatty acids. As is widely known, it is omega 3 in fish oil that is responsible for a wide range of benefits it gives to the body.

Omega 3 fatty acids, richly found in fish oil, have been found to promote better brain and psychological function, decrease the risk for cardiovascular problems, strengthen the immune system, decrease inflammation and improve overall health.

Cod liver vs. fish oil

If we talk about it being rich in these fatty acids, does it mean that it also provides the same health benefits? Yes, it might be possible. However, remember that there are certain differences between oil extracted from fish and that extracted from it. In fact, there are actually certain red flags about it you have to know more about. Here are some of them:

1. It contains vitamin A and D, but at large amounts.

Vitamins A and D are essential vitamins needed for proper body function. Our body can naturally produce these two vitamins (for instance, vitamin D from sunlight exposure). As long as you have ample exposure to the sunlight or you take in the right foods, there is no need to take vitamin A and D in supplement form. Note that both vitamins are fat soluble and tend to stay stored for longer periods of time. Accumulation of these vitamins caused by intake of cod liver oil pills may lead to vitamin A and/or D toxicity, which can endanger your health.

2. It does not contain enough omega 3 fatty acids.

Yes, cod liver does contain DHA and EPA, but in amounts that are not at par with fish oil. It is still unclear whether the low amount is caused by poor manufacturing or purification, but the levels of omega 3 you get in cod liver are actually insignificant compared to regular fish oils.

3. It can contain high levels of toxins

Most cod liver oils are extracted from fish that live in highly-polluted waters. Remember that you are getting the oils from the liver, which increases the chances of contamination.

For all these reasons and more, cod liver oil is simply different from fish oil. Make sure you choose right and go for high-quality fish oil supplement. They can offer you all the benefits of cod liver oil and more, without putting your health at risk.


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