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Safe Fish Oil - What to Look For

With the sheer number of options, how can you choose a safe this kind of supplement? Here are some things to look for when considering a brand of supplement pills:

1. The ingredients

You probably know by now that the active ingredients responsible for the health benefits of it are omega 3 fatty acids. Two of the most notable omega 3 fatty acids are DHA and EPA. What you need is a fish oil brand that contains both of these ingredients in high, potent amounts that can actually bring out the results you want. The higher the DHA and EPA content, the higher the potency.

2. Where they source the fish

You will also need to consider the fish source when choosing a brand to trust. Ideally, these supplement manufacturer should source their oils from fish harvested from pristine waters not exposed to pollution. These days, pristine waters can be difficult to find - but there are those that are relatively cleaner than others - such as the waters off the coast of New Zealand. Make sure to find out where the manufacturer gets their fish from, and see whether they contain the lowest amount of contaminants possible.

3. The most technologically advanced method for purification

As mentioned earlier, it is important that a fish oil manufacturer gets their fish from uncontaminated waters. However, it is virtually impossible today to look for fish that is 101% free from mercury and other toxin contamination. In response to this, manufacturers must use the most advance technologies for fish oil purification. Among the most recent technologies for purifying fish oil is molecular distillation. Make sure your brand of choice has gone through a series of purification steps for a formulation that is 101% safe to take even on a daily basis.

4. Compliance to industry standard

Another important aspect to consider when choosing from fish oil caps is compliance to international standards. Look for documentation proving that the formulation is follows the standards set by the International Fish Oil Standards. Meeting the requirements of IFOS only means that the brand can be trusted for purity and freshness.

5. The value

Last but not the least, you would want to find this supplement that gives you the best value possible for the money you pay. Getting the cheapest brand may not be recommended - remember that you almost always get what you pay for. Instead of choosing based on price, find out how much active ingredients you get for every dollar you spend. Some safe brands are expensive, but you actually save on a lot in the long run.

You should always go for a safe formulation. Make sure to consider these five factors and make an informed decision for your health and well-being.


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