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Butter Compared to Margarine - Butter Is Healthy

Butter is better than margarine. It is healthier. Here is why:

Butter contain many stable saturated fats which makes it one of the top oils to cook with. Stable saturated fats means the oil will not smoke when heated thus not release free radicals into the food. Free radicals are the evil ones that mess up with your healthy living cells, giving you chronic diseases like cancer.

Margarine is full of trans fats. Studies show that trans fat are deadly because they can cause serious degenerative internal effects in your body such as inflammation, clogging and hardening of the arteries, heart disease, various forms of cancer...not to mention packing on the ab flab. It is enough to consume 2 grams of trans fats a day to be exposed to these dangers.

All trans fats are artificially made by human. These are represented by any artificially hydrogenated oils. Foods containing trans fats that you should be aware of are - margarine, shortening, and partially hydrogenated oils that are in most processed foods, junk foods, and deep fried foods. These hydrogenated oils are highly processed using harsh chemical solvents like hexane which is a component of gasoline, (yum I am getting hungry now), high heat and pressure, have a metal catalyst added, and are then deodorized and bleached. Once I learn about these facts I stopped buying margarine.

Think about it - butter is basically cow's milk with some salt. It is all made from natural ingredients. Margarine has now dairy products in it. It has all the products mentioned above which as you can see, are not natural at all. Even low quality, non-organic butter is better than any margarine in the market.

Another fact about butter: if you add a little butter to your steamed vegetables, it will help you absorb more of the vitamins and minerals that are in the vegetables. Mike Geary writes in more detail about this topic in his book 'Truth about Six Pack Abs'. Geary is a certified nutrition specialist that has studied nutrition and how it relates to body fat burning for many years. In fact, nutrition is known to be about 80% of your efforts to burn body fat and calories because even if you workout all day long in the gym, you still can never out work a bad diet. This has been proven time and again.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 1995 and until this day I manage my chronic disease with good nutrition and no pharmaceutical medicine. Nutrition works, I am a walking and living evidence of it.


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