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Diets Don't Work, Motivation Does!

We are all looking for the easy way to change our bodies/lives - The South Beach Diet, The Eat 3 Cookies per day diet, this short cut, that short cut! All sound like an 'easy fix', but alas all that is easy is temporary. The only thing that is permanent is changing old learned behavior and replacing it with new better serving habits.

Diets are a cop-out. Diets are a way to trick ourselves into thinking we are doing something good and healthy for our bodies, while giving ourselves the permission that we can still eat too much of everything we want once the diet is over - once we're done being healthy.

Diet implies a 'period of time', which is a 'oxymoron', as you can't be done being healthy any more than you can be done weeding the garden! Your body also needs regular tending.

To get healthy and to realize the body of our dreams, we need to break away from temporary 'fixes', and toward understanding that to make lasting changes it would mean a permanent new outlook.

Like many of folk we are conditioned by society to look for a 'quick fix'. The problem is that leads us right back to where we started, and eating what we ate that got us out of shape in the first place. Believe me, if there were any such solution, everyone would be in shape already! The reality is that 190 MILLION Americans are overweight or obese, costing the health care system $147 BILLION per year!

The keys to weight loss isn't even a secret. You already know it. 'The Secret' is that you have to make healthy choices most of the time, and the diet is just a feeble some of the time solution. It may sound hard to learn to make healthy choices most of the time, but your brain provides you with a handy coping mechanism: the easiest way to do something most of the time is to make it a habit! Learn habits not diets!

Much of what we do in our lives is by habit, including how we eat, and how much we eat. Unsurprisingly, a short - lives exception to that behavior- a diet- is not going to work. When we stop dieting we go back to the way we were, hence we take on the body associated with that behavior. Stop serial- dieting, and in its place learn to make better life choices.

It takes about 100 days for these new better choices to become a habit. There are several important habits to build, thinking positively, making healthy eating choices, even learning not to give up on yourself. But for the first 99 days, these choices are not habits. They're self - discipline until you reach that break through moment about 100 days later.

In conclusion stop making the 'health/ diet' companies rich, and yourself lost and frustrated, do something from within that may require a little effort, but will give you life changing results! Do it once and for all and LIFE And Be That Change!


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