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Four Healthiest Types of Fish to Eat

Among the healthiest foods to eat is seafood. Over and over again it has been shown to increase heart health, improve brain function, and provide incredible amounts of protein, vitamins, and healthy fats. Of course not all fish were created equal and there are some types they tend to be more beneficial than others. So what are the healthiest, and tastiest, types of fish to eat?

Wild Salmon. One of the more popular choices of fish in the American diet is salmon. It's texture and flavor have made it one of the top picks for quite some time. Amazingly, salmon also tends to be one of the healthiest choices as well. Sockeye salmon is hands down the number one food source for vitamin D. When the winter months drag on and the lack of sunshine is getting you down, salmon can actually provide enough vitamin D to improve your mood. Salmon is also incredibly high in Omega-3's, the healthy fats that make up the majority of your brain.

Because of salmon's popularity it has been over fished in many areas. To adjust for that, endeavoring minds created salmon farms. The conditions that these fish are held in and the poor diet that they are fed make them far inferior to their wild counterparts. Many comparisons have been done between farm-raised and wild caught salmon. When it comes to vitamins, Omega-3's, and any other health benefit, farm raised salmon does not even compare. It's lack of nutrients is so great that the flesh of farm raised salmon is not even pink when harvest; it's white. The food processors then have to dye that meat pink so unassuming customers will buy it. Stick with wild caught fish whenever possible.

Sardines. Another fantastic type of fish to eat is sardines. For some reason these fish have been looked over in the American diet, perhaps because of their strong flavor. If canned sardines are too strong for you, try fresh sardines instead. These little guys are also at the top of the charts for vitamin D and Omega-3's. When consumed with the skin and bones, which are edible, they provide incredible amounts of calcium as well. That's fantastic news if you're lactose intolerant or simply concerned about your bone health.

Halibut. Who doesn't love this wonderfully firm, white fish? Even people who don't like seafood can usually tolerate halibut. Again, it's an incredible source of Omega-3's and vitamin D, and also has loads of potassium. It's also very low in fat.

Rainbow Trout. This fish has tons of, guess what, Omega-3's. On top of that it is loaded with vitamin B12. Because it is typically caught in fresh water, mercury contamination is not a concern with trout.

Beyond the vitamins and healthy fats, all of these fish are also great sources of selenium. Selenium is a trace mineral that strengthens cells and helps them avoid damage. It also serves as a toxicity neutralizer so that issues like mercury contamination are less of a concern then once thought.

Replacing a few beef steaks and pork chops each week with servings of fish can dramatically improve your blood pressure, cholesterol, and mood. Try a few varieties until you find the ones you love.


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