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What You Need to Know About Pure Protein Bars

Pure protein bars are great for a variety of different things but mainly they're good for gaining muscle mass and for dieting. Most people would see right away that they're going to be good for putting on muscle seeing as you need a decent amount of varied protein to build muscle, but with regards to dieting most people wouldn't think that it would be useful right away.

The emphasis for people dieting nowadays is on eating foods that keep you fuller for longer and hence less likely to snack. There's very little point setting yourself unrealistic standards with which to diet by because you simple won't stick to them. Picture someone who'd been eating chocolate and chips every single day for the last 20 years, telling them to switch to salads and vegetables just isn't a realistic solution. Sure some will stick with it, but the vast majority won't and don't which is why there are so many overweight people today.

What pure protein bars help do with regards to losing weight is have a much longer digestion time than other foods, especially chocolates and snacks. Chocolate bars are mainly sugar, and sugars get digested very quickly the same with carbohydrates and fats. Proteins on the other hand take much longer to be digested and so we retain that feeling of fullness for longer. It means that the person who has stopped eating chocolate bars has now switched to eating a bar which is almost as tasty but actually stops their food cravings - as opposed to salads which tend to increase them.


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