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Health Benefits of Resveratrol Revealed

Drinking red wine has become increasingly more popular over the past few years as the news about resveratrol spread from laboratory studies to prime time TV. While the popular beverage does contain this antioxidant, the magic ingredient, also, comes from several other sources. In fact, as many as seventy different species of plants contain resveratrol. Among the most common and potent are peanuts, Muscadine grapes, and blueberries. Less well-known sources include Japanese knotweed, Yucca, and other kinds of berries.

Resveratrol is produced as a natural defense by plants after exposure to bacteria and fungi. Because humans do not produce the substance, consuming the antioxidant can be useful in helping the body fight off these pathogens, as well.

Experts have suggested that the French are protected from the high fat content of their diets by their frequent consumption of resveratrol. In fact, numerous studies have shown that the substance helps to break down fats so that they are more easily metabolized by the liver. In addition, it helps to kill cancer cells and protects the heart from cellular damage. Research indicates that while low dosages are needed to maintain a healthy circulatory system and heart, much larger quantities are necessary to counteract the growth of malignant cells within the body.

Several other illnesses, in addition to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, have shown benefits from resveratrol in human or laboratory research. Among these are arthritis, diabetes, liver ailments, and pancreatitis. Resveratrol has, also, been shown to increase the production of sperm and has been generally recognized for its anti-aging and anti-coagulant properties. Additional studies have indicated a reduction in neurodegenerative brain diseases and an increase in the body's metabolism. Resveratrol may, also, be useful in reducing harmful effects of the body's exposure to radiation.

Since it began appearing on TV, resveratrol has become increasingly popular with American consumers because this substance may be one of the secrets to living a longer life span. For the resveratrol to have an anti ageing effect the recommended dosage is 500 milligrams daily. Since this amount is the equivalent of dozens of bottles of red wine, this dosage must, obviously, be consumed through supplements.

Although resveratrol shows promise of improving health with few side effects, results of studies on human beings are still being conducted. For anyone who chooses to take reservatrol while waiting for the final results, purchasing supplements from a reputable company is crucial, and the ideal dose for any individual, or any particular illness, may vary. Nevertheless, the potential benefits from resveratrol are promising for the future.


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